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  1. Haunted House Halloween Props For sale.

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Brand new pick axe sandy from unit 70 prop lays flat on floor has glass eyes never used asking $650 Silicone witch with cauldron static prop from unit 70 studios prop is heavy, unit 70 makes this version animatronic now paid $1200 asking $800 Midnight studios fx pennywise animated prop. This...
  2. Mechanical: Living Tombstone WIP inspired by Paul Kreutz

    Halloween Props
    Started building my Living Tombstone inspired by Paul Kreutz. Taking a bit of a different approach. Stone is 1-1/2" pink styro with 1/4" luan ply backing. I'm using a 1/4" rod end to attach the mannequin face to the stone's backing. A 10" round piece of luan will get glued to the back of...
  3. Babyface Killer prop head and costume and pennywise costume for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling a babyface prop head and costume all you need is a mannequin... the head is not a mask its a prop Also have a 2xl pennywise costume paid 130 it was only used on a mannequin.. asking 85 plus shipping.
  4. Static: Kylo Ren converted to The Nun

    Halloween Props
    I'm a Big Star Wars fan, and so close to Halloween I dont have the time to look for a mannequin for the Nun prop I want to display for this Halloween, so I decided to strip down Kylo and dress him up to the Nun, Lol....
  5. Static: What to do with a 1/2 mannequin ?

    Halloween Props
    I have this 1/2 mannequin that I have no idea what to do with. Last year I sat it in a chair in clothes. So it just looked like an headless guy. It was boring. Does anyone have a better idea of what I could maybe do with it? The arms stay behind its back. I can move them forwards if it has a...
  6. help with life size prop - need mannequin?

    Wanted to Buy
    i have been looking for a used mannequin to use for a life size jason prop that i have been working on. i have had no luck so far and was wondering if you guys knew of any cheaper alternatives to buying a brand new mannequin.
  7. Mannequin Legs Female/Central Kentucky

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have two sets of female mannequin legs. They have the bar in one foot to mount but no base, and no attachment for a torso. I have too many projects I'm working on right now to do anything with them, and I'm afraid they'll get broke if I keep storing them. They're solid white plastic similar in...
  8. Static: Source for posable life size bodies?

    Halloween Props
    Hello! I’m looking for a source to purchase posable life size bodies to design my own props. All I’ve found are the cloth dummies on eBay and amazon, or store mannequins. I’m looking for the ones that have bendable wires in them, and come with a stand...Just not having any luck finding...
  9. Halloween foam heads

    Halloween Props
    I am new to the forum. I am looking for tutorials for foam mannequin head face makeup. Thank you.
  10. Other: Halloween 2010

    Halloween Props
    I hope this is the right place to post.here is my Halloween 2010 pics the Simpsons "Yard of Horror" all of them are sculpted using air dry clay except for Homer but get this some of my neighbors complained saying it was indecent, so when December came around I gave them indecent. I put out an...
  11. Static: Affixing a Lightweight Resin Cast to Plastic Mannequin

    Halloween Props
    Hi all! I'm currently working on a Scream/Casey Becker mannequin. She's the first character in the movie "Scream" who gets hung in a tree. Anyway, I purchased a plastic mannequin from eBay, and I also purchased a cast of Drew Barrymore's face. I'm trying to figure out if anyone has any advice...
  12. Other: Some advice to on what to use to keep a bust on a mannequin in place?

    Halloween Props
    Hi, Im working on a life size prop right now, im having some trouble anyone of you guys have any tips or advice? I have this full size mannequin and this bust I used a dremel to cut the head off the mannequin that was easy then I thought, I am using the bust its basically a head with some...
  13. Static: Finally Doing Pumpkinhead!

    Halloween Props
    We decided our big build for this year should be Punpkinhead. I've started ordering some items. The first is the mask seen below, and the second is the mannequin. I'm also ordering 20 pounds of epoxy clay as I suspect we'll be needing it. :) We're going to convert the mannequin's feet into the...
  14. Static: Ina - The Tooth Fairy

    Halloween Props
    Ina was the very first project on the Passages new location in an old trade school in Guben. The figure stood in the entrance hall on the left site - on the other one was a computer shop and I guess you can imagine the peoples faces. A flickering light was mounted above her, so even in the...
  15. Static: zombie prop/costume

    Halloween Props
    Just dug this guy up out of storage today. i made him years ago as a costume for a halloween party. probably about 9 or so years. I've done many upgrades and tweaks over the years. the head is made out of a really bad looking Michael Myers mask. All of the skin is made from hot glue. yup, lots...
  16. Ghost Girl(s)

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello everybody, My wife and I had seen the holding hands ghosts in the Grandin Road catalog. We thought we could do better. I just posted an instructable giving the full details. www.instructables.com/id/Ghost-Girls/ We opted to not have glowing orb heads. I think the mannequin heads add...
  17. Mannequin Graveyard

    For Sale By Merchants
    Nowhere near me, nowhere near most people, but with a fill your car deal for £50/$70, how much fun could you have with a load of old Mannequin bits? http://www.whteva.co.uk/...
  18. Static: Darth Vader Mannequin - Star Wars Dark Side of the Force

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone - Here's my take on building a full-size Darth Vader Mannequin for Halloween, and was made mostly out of PVC, Cardboard, and Duct Tape (plus cloth cape and movie helmet). He stands at 6' 7" and even talks (okay - I picked up a toy voice box from the Goodwill). The helmet was a bit...
  19. Static: Mannequin Making (Video)

    Halloween Props
    So I stumbled upon this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZoTRyrDDrs This seems like a method similar to what a lot of us have used to make our own props. This process looks simple enough... The pressure seems to be the key. Has anyone made anything like this before? Are blocks of foam...
  20. Static: Fixin Freddy's face

    Halloween Props
    A while back a friend asked my wife if I could fix the broken neck on her Freddy Kreuger prop as he had crashed . I said I would give it a whirl so she sent it along. It was in fact Freddy in name only. The broken neck was the least of it. Someone had just taken a mannequin covered it with some...