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  1. Static: the abomination

    Halloween Props
    A horrible experiment gone wrong, human dna mixed with scorpion dna, this is the demon that was spawned. New to Rayzers yard haunt, might make him jump out of a dark space, not sure yet
  2. My New Haunting Music Collection website

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hello: I was not sure if I could post this here, but since it's about Halloween music, I did. Hope it's ok. http://jonhyers.wix.com/halloweenmusic A total unknown to most of you, is that Jon Hyer's original company Outrageous Media created THE HAUNTING MUSIC COLLECTION. Back when CDs were...
  3. Crank Ghost ....Please help!!!

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello, I am wanting to add a Crank Ghost to my mausoleum this year. I'm looking to buy a complete one or the motor setup to make my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Josh
  4. Hi from Southern Indiana

    Member Introduction
    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm from southern Indiana just north of Louisville Kentucky, across the river. I joined cause I am really impressed with the art that goes into making props. I'm not into the gore and I don't do a whole lot of the scare but I enjoy making props and costumes...
  5. Thank You All Members and Visitors! Halloween 2015 From Admin (PLEASE READ)

    General Halloween
    Thank You All Members and Visitors! Halloween 2015 Halloween Season 2015 Is Here! NOW! All Members and Visitors: It is very important to me to reach out to you again and extend my gratitude to YOU. Thank you for being an important part of the HalloweenForum.com community. It is our members...
  6. Displaying NBC Life Sizers

    General Halloween
    Hey all! I have been fortunate enough to have got all 3 of the life size characters from Nightmare Before Christmas from Walgreens in the last couple of years. I have just hung them on the wall for Halloween since I don't want to take a chance on them getting stolen outside. I'd like to make...
  7. Static: copying store props

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone else ever spot a prop in a store you think is pretty cool, but you don't want to shell the cash out for? Do you ever go home and attempt to make it yourself for a quarter of the price? Post pics here! I saw a cool inverted cross tombstone at spirit the other day but didn't want to...
  8. Daenerys Blue Dress

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So I've decided to try and make my wife a Daenerys costume for Halloween. our baby (who will be 3 months by Halloween) will be her dragon. Has anyone seen a pattern for this dress. I found this site which looks pretty comprehensive...
  9. Hello from California!

    Member Introduction
    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Brooke, and fairly new at making Halloween decorations. I did my first ones last year. It was really a lot of fun and I learned how to use all sorts of different saws. My parents live with us and my dad nearly had a heart attack when he seen me using a power...
  10. How to make a try me button with a jack plug in

    Hi, Am still struggling to make remote activation triggers for multiple props. I need to know how to make a “Try Me” Button that has a jack at the end (instead of the molex that was used for the older animated props). I have been all over the web trying to locate a place to buy Try Me...
  11. Static: Need Some Figure Suggestions

    Halloween Props
    As always... Halloween is either feast or famine. I was about to buy a fiberglass mannequin to replace the failed plastic one we were using for our Jeepers Creepers Creeper, and low and behold... I found a guy on Craigslist who was selling four fiberglass mannequins for $65 total! So I snagged...
  12. does anyone make.......

    Wanted to Buy
    A sculpt of the Leota plaque on the tombstone at the HM?
  13. Other: Storing and moving Props

    Halloween Props
    Ok I've got an important question. What is the solution for storing and moving larger props? I try to make as many things I can where I can disassemble them, but when I build this reaper and scarecrow with monster mud I don't see a way to make that possible......I really don't want to sell...
  14. Static: Horse Drawn Hearse

    Halloween Props
    New project for this year. My wife and I have been wanting to build this since last year. Had to make it sturdy for Chicago wind. What do you think? We are pretty happy with it.