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  1. Any FX Tips?

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips for a beginning SFX artist? I've been doing it for a week, and after my last attempt, I realized I need more tips when it comes to creating full looks (ex zombies, demons, etc). I understand how to do basic wounds and burns. I tried to create a zombie and...
  2. Other: Liquid Latex on arm hair?

    Halloween Props
    Ok, so I want to make a quick "cheap" severed arm, hand and leg prop using liquid latex. I've watched a couple videos on it and it seems simple enough. I'm a guy and I have arm and leg hair. I'm very well aware that it'll hurt to remove the latex if it comes in contact with hair. Should I shave...
  3. Lakeland Zombiefest '15

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    sooo...imagine my surprise when a week ago, i realized i had gone to a zombie festival and never posted pictures anywhere! and realized this would be a totally awesome place to post the pictures. my apologies if this is in the wrong section or anything. WARNING this is pretty picture heavy! a...
  4. Thoughts on our Black 'n' White zombie??

    I know I am smiling, but I would like to get some feedback on our black n white zombie. My family and friends like it, but I would like to get some non- biased constructive criticism. This is for a zombie series we are currently filming.
  5. Trick or Treat, Day of the Dead Style

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    My wife and I decided that we wanted to try our hand at creating some Day of the Dead make up effects for our kids' costumes this year. You can kind of tell by the style of the teeth, that I did the make up for our two youngest kids on the left and our oldest on the right. My wife did her...
  6. Halloween Make-up (Ladies)

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Halloween Make-Up Tutorials (Ladies) I found the coolest Halloween Make-up tutorials by Miss Chievous on Youtube last year, and thought I would share. :rolleyes: This is the one I did last year. (well, very close to it....I did'nt put all the green stones.) (The flash blew out the depth...
  7. Can someone help me with choosing the right makeup for a clown?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm looking at this right now Clown Antics: Ben Nye Clown Makeup & Face Paints I'm going for a scary clown, but I want it to be based off of the classic clown look. For the white base I see the "Ben Nye Clown White" makeup, but it says it's a Creme/Greasepaint and people have suggested that I...
  8. First time Major prothstetic help

    Hey everybody I am new to the site and so far looks like you all might be the ones to answer my questions. I have done some simple latex applications in the past but this year i am going all out. I already have a full facial prosthetic and a set of dental distortions veneers. I should have my...
  9. Other: Chemical burn make up

    Halloween Props
    YouTube - NDIY, or Not how to remove a tattoo I did the make up for the chemical burn from elmers school glue and red acrylic craft paint.