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  1. General Halloween
    Week before last someone running from the police drove though our yard and plowed down our mailbox. This is what happens when we have to spend time and money on non-Halloween stuff during Halloween prep season. :) Anyone else with a little bit of Halloween outside year-round?
  2. General Halloween
    On my daily commute, I've seen one yard completely decorated, one house hedge-row with spider webs, and one yard with that cool full sized horse and rider skeleton and accompanying skellie dog. I only have fall decor so far- corn stalks Autumn leaves garland on the mailbox, and a few happy...
  3. General Halloween
    well, put out a bunch of stuff tonight ... will post pics later ... a toe pincher coffin made out of old pallets & my version of skelly pallbearers for a small light foam coffin :-) our mailbox was sacrificed to the halloween gods tonight :-0 turned out that, what looks like teenagers were...
  4. Halloween Props
    Anyone ever included their mailbox in a yard theme? Of course, it can't interfere with the mail carrier's job. I've seen some seasonal "wrappers" to put on the mailbox but they're so....sweet. Bleck! Looking for some inspiration.
1-4 of 4 Results