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  1. Rona the Ghost Maid Projection

    Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of Rona the Ghost Maid or something similar? I think it originally came from Better Haunts and Gardens, but there site doesn't seem to be up anymore. I would love to have a copy for our Haunted Hotel Halloween party!
  2. Prop Showcase: New maid in the house

    Halloween Props
    Yesterday, I picked up the Big Lots talking 6 ft witch $50.00 and turned her into a maid for my haunted hotel display. Before and after pictures
  3. Ghost Maid projection effect now on DVD

    For Sale By Merchants
    Many have asked for it in the past and now I'm happy to announce that the Ghost Maid projection is available on DVD. Buy it here: http://vanoakspropfoundry.etsy.com