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  1. Magic Mirror 2016, annual yard display.

    General Halloween
    Hello All! Sorry that I am posting this late, but I have been busy the past week. Vlen the Magic Mirror returns after a two year hiatus. Last year (2015) for Halloween I did the 'Scare Zone' as something quick and easy to put together, because I was still dealing with the reality of my mom...
  2. Moving Magic Mirror show to new home, need help please!

    General Halloween
    Hello All, I have a Magic Mirror routine in which I use a digital puppet from Imagineerieing.com. I have done the routine from 2009 through 2013 at my parents house. The past two years I had done something else at that location, but this year I wanted to return to the Magic Mirror routine...
  3. Electronic/Software: Magic Mirror Enhancements

    Halloween Props
    In my Halloween Dark Ride, I have a dungeon/castle type wall that has a large oval mirror that I use for my Magic Mirror scene (First video below). This was originally accomplished by using the puppet created by ImaginEERIEing. This particular puppet worked well but I did not use it as a...
  4. Halloween 2013 - Magic Mirror, Singing Pumpkins, Spydro, the Jumping Spider.

    General Halloween
    Hello All, I must open by saying, WOW! HALLOWEEN 2013 was a SUCCESS! What a season it was getting it all together for 2013. Many ups and downs and of course dealing with the bad weather that seems to plague us haunters this time of year. I have to thank the heavens above for holding...
  5. Electronic/Software: Voice changer for Magic Mirror help needed

    Halloween Props
    Hey folks, getting to be that time of year (pretty much year round for most of us). One of my goals this season was to hook up one of the Imagineerieing Magic Mirror displays in my haunt door. I've been able to figure out everything except the voice. I found MorphVox pro and Voice Changer 6...