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    Made me smile and had to share here.
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    I got this idea off some on this forum but I don't remember who so thanks who ever you are! Wanted to do a quick cheap project to put in my entry way to the haunted house which will be a graveyard. Started with a styro head and a manny I have. I know the neck is to long but I did not want to...
  3. Halloween Props
    my lil one is obsessed with harry potter and fairies...i had a quick search on here but cant find much. any ideas for some prop projects i can make? i have made a wand for harry potter already and the fairies iv made a fairy house and fairy dust in a jar, fairy wings, but cant think of much else
    I was watching a video a while back where they showed how they put together an infrasonic sound generator for their haunted house, but I can't seem to find it anymore. I think it used a subwoofer and some corrugated pipe. Was wondering if anyone on here has made one, or knows where I could find...
  5. Member Introduction
    Hello all! I love Halloween but most think I am crazy because I start thinking of decorations in August! Already have the small spooky village that I made up and going. Always looking for new ideas both inside and out.:)
  6. Halloween Props
    hey guys, so i recently bought a wiper motor and built a zombie prop. i was very impressed with the way it turned out so i bought more motors and made a hangman prop. the zombie isn't quite finished yet, i need to bulk him up and add a joint in his elbow so he's not so stiff in his arm. the...
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    Here are some pics from our pirate cove , we do the pirate theme every year and have done a couple birthday parties also just about everything in the pictures I have made myself except the barrels , I did paint them tho I wish I had taken pics as I was making them . The ship is 30 feet long ...
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    Not sure if any of the pirate enthusiasts or anyone else uses fire flies in their set up, but these are made by the same person that made them for disneylands pirates of the carribean ride. So for that fact alone I had to have a couple. I've been looking for some good fireflies ever since going...
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    As a long-time member of the HalloweenForum family I LOVE reading about everyone's excitement and often year-round planning, building and buying of all things Halloween. But though my heart is always with you lovely folks (usually on a platter) in recent years, especially since my kids have been...
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    Hey there, from down under. I have been lurking on here for a while now and have got some great ideas. Halloween isn't very big in Australia so I don't have access to all the great props that you do. Anyway I have been working on a few and I am going to post up a few vids ( when I work out this...
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    So I see alot of cool designs in Joanns. but wondering what you make with this stuff? Personally I dont sew. but some of the patterns are so cool. wish a button down shirt could be made. Not sure if the material is suited for this purpose. besides where would I look for someone who could...
  13. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So I figured this thing out finally!!!! I wanted to make a zombie baby doll so with the thrift store and YouTube I made one and I have to say it's pretty amazing.I'm going to go step by step on how to make this horror doll. First off you need a baby doll I found mine after 3 thrift stores and...
  14. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I decided to add the alternative version of this costume,I did the bagmask when I first put the remake costume together back in the summer of 2011, which was a rushed job. Its my fave version of Jason, even more than the hockey Mask version. In the future when I wear the costume, I hope many...
  15. Halloween Props
    I am doing a carnival theme this tear and I wanted to have some interactive things for the kids. I made this for photo opportunities. I am also making a couple of games. I made a table for a ring toss where I am going to put severed fingers as the target, just need to find a bunch of fingers to use.
  16. Halloween Props
    does anyone know how these are made? saw one at transwold show but didn't look at it closely but liked the prop. we aquired plenty of lumber to build it just don't know how the spring effect is made. any help will be appreciated