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  1. Halloween Props
    Hangar One vodka bottles have that flared base and the molded-in volume markings, that make them perfect for a fake hanging IV bottle. I just made a hanging collar out of 3/4” x 1/16” aluminum strap, with #8-32 machine screws and wing nut to hold the circle closed, and some heavy wire for the...
  2. Halloween Props
    Here are a few pictures of i-Zombie Productions' newest addition to our Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory Equipment Props. This is the 4th piece of equipment you can get to create your own movie quality laboratory scene. The unit is called the Organ Re-animation Device. The plasma unit creates...
  3. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    BEWARE member > (prestonjjrtr) < had me hold all my props and claimed they wanted to by them after showing them pictures for days they said they wanted this Z-8 Disintegrator Beam Projector with the Z8 base ( which is the way it is sold) only, and on a Saturday said they were mailing out the...
1-3 of 3 Results