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  1. Halloween Music
    I overheard a great song while in Spirit today. I tried to remember as much of the lyrics as I could, however I only recall something to the effect of “the headless horseman, wandering jew, werewolf creatures....” Google isn’t helping. Where does Spirit get their playlists anyhow?
  2. Halloween Music
    Sheldon Allman – Sing Along with Drac (1960) Novelty Sheldon Allman was a character actor and singer who appeared in old TV westerns and guested on other TV serials like Batman, I Dream of Jeannie, and Little House on the Prairie. He provided the singing voice for Mr. Ed, and wrote the theme for...
  3. Halloween Music
    A few years ago we bought a plastic mummy's head that you hang on the wall. His mouth moves up and down and his eyes open. It has been quiet a while since we have bought it. It sings part of a song, just the beat and a few words. Last year during halloween we heard this song twice on the...
  4. Halloween Music
    If you watch the old Bela Lugosi Dracula you will hear the theme from Swan Lake during the opening credits. I just couldn’t resist the urge one night as I was watching the film to jot down some words to go along with the tune. Now you can sing along next Halloween when you watch it. To be sung...
1-4 of 4 Results