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  1. Member Introduction
    Hi, everybody :) Longtime lurker of this site, but my husband and I are trying to really grow our yard display, and I decided to finally get more active in this community that has really inspired me the past few years. We've been starting to do more homemade props recently, and I've learned a...
  2. Member Introduction
    Yes hello, from the mouse house (Disney for non-locals) area. Been on here for a while, in ghost lurker mode, absorbing all the great information. I came here specifically looking for skeleton animatronic info and got hooked on everything else. I like to tinker and build stuff so.... hold on...
  3. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! Longtime lurker, first time poster (obviously). This forum has been one of my favorite things to visit since we decided to start upping our decoration game, and I just love y'all's work. Look forward to talking to you all! ravens
  4. Member Introduction
    Been a lurker on this site for quite a long time, finally registered. I have learned from a lot of you and my house is always "that house" at halloween! Just here to say hi
  5. Member Introduction
    I embarrassingly admit to being a long time lurker of this site. I'm terrible about checking in on social media, so I'll apologize in advance! But my friends call me a Halloween fanatic, so I guess this is the site for me! :rolleyes: I collect (between 60-100) costumes, and alter/make costumes...
  6. Halloween Props
    My 5 year old daughter decided last year that we needed to do a clown theme for our home haunt this year. With one of her favorite movies being Killer Klowns from outer space this came with no surprise. So we started gathering all the clown stuff we could. After watching a bunch of YouTube...
  7. Member Introduction
    Longtime lurker who has finally decided to come out and say hi!
  8. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm thinking about getting horrordomes zombie lurker costume for my haunted house this year but i have no idea how good their products are or if this item is even worth the $300 price tag. Anyone have any knowledge on this costume and/or with horrordome products? I'm open to your opinion if you...
  9. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Does any one know how to achieve the bouncing bobble-head action for a lurker costume? I want to build one this year but I'm having difficulty figuring out how to produce the free floating bobble movement. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Member Introduction
    I don't know why it took me so long, but here I am. I'm Jay. I was born on October 29, two days too early. People ask me if I get tired of Halloween-themed birthdays. I usually stare at them and walk away mumbling dark things. Professionally, I do graphic design and publications coordination...
1-10 of 10 Results