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  1. pico projector experience?

    General Halloween
    I feel like there's a thread on here every few weeks asking for projector recommendations, yet here I am again... I've decided I should try using a projector to decorate, but I don't want it to be so obvious I'm using a projector. So I thought maybe I could hide one inside the shell of a...
  2. Jon Hyers Virtualfxvideo Discounts, USB FX, Video Projectors, DVDs

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Jon Hyers Virtualfxvideo Discounts, USB FX, Video Projectors, DVDs These Discounts are at the top of my SHOP page on website, www.virtualfxvideo.com 1. Three Halloween USB Drives with FX, for USB Projectors or Media Players. $49.95 for three, normal price is $120.00 Includes new DeadWalkers...
  3. Lighting: cheap DLP projector recommendations?

    Halloween Props
    So I've searched and subscribed to many many projector discussion threads. People recommend new budget low lumen short throw projectors and high lumen long throw used projectors and everything in between. I'm looking for something pretty specific: a relatively high lumen (greater than or equal...
  4. Electronic/Software: Cheap 1200 lumens

    Halloween Props
    hi guys I thought I would share my thoughts here although I am totally new here and some of you guys are pro halloweeners :D I purchased a so called cheap 1200 lumen projector to try atmos fear fx out I know the recommendation is 1800 but this was solely for window projections and for...