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  1. Static: Using natural tree branch for scarecrow pole

    Halloween Props
    If I were to make a scarecrow and choose to use a thick branch (e.g. 1.5") for the vertical pole of the cross, any tips on getting scarecrow to stand? I had the idea of inserting the branch into a couple foot section of 2" PVC. Then I would either build a base for the PVC (concrete block or...
  2. Boo's from Chicago.

    Member Introduction
    As if Chicago is not scary enough...... I have been into making custom props over the years with varied success. I've built a number of large props where most have sold. The largest I built was a shed sized mausoleum that sadly, did not sell. It was repurposed into several other projects so...
  3. Places to get free styrofoam

    General Halloween
    So most of us are always on the look out for free or really inexpensive material for making our props. I thought of several places where folks could possibly obtain free styrofoam big enough for tombstones, or building facades, or mausoleums, ...etc. Go and talk to your local stores that sell...
  4. Static: 2016 War of the Worlds display started

    Halloween Props
    Wanted to do something a little different this year. I build everything from scratch from donated scrap materials. So far I have $10 into the 2x4's (all twisted) and the rest of the lumber has been begged or borrowed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8Z4k2EbCAI...
  5. Prop Showcase: Something wicked in the woods

    Halloween Props
    Hello everybody! I just wanted to show this little witch house we made in the woods on our property, since the project is pretty much at the end (just interior decor - so to say - at this point). It was a whopping 12$ and mostly for screws, since the wood was for free from the local lumber...
  6. Haunt Walls

    General Halloween
    So I am doing my first walk thru haunt this year and have already created about a dozen pallet walls. But alas, do not have enough pallets to finish my plan so I need to make about 14 more walls. I was going to use 2x4 lumber but then I found 1x2 lumber for half the price. Will 1x2 be sturdy...
  7. Other: springy bridge

    Halloween Props
    does anyone know how these are made? saw one at transwold show but didn't look at it closely but liked the prop. we aquired plenty of lumber to build it just don't know how the spring effect is made. any help will be appreciated
  8. Other: Needing a sign made of lumber.

    Halloween Props
    It's for a picture I'd like to take. Does anyone know where I can get some lumber? I know Home Depot or Lowes is ideal, but I am worried they will only have 2x4's whereas I need like a medium sized rectangle made of lumber. To give a more clear example, picture a wooden table. Something along...