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  1. Halloween Props
    /scratches head. I know this sounds like a stupid question (and maybe it is) but-I don't have a truck-and I have to believe that I'm not the only one;) I can't find anywhere that will deliver the foam board used to make tombstones etc for a sane price. So that makes things a little difficult...
  2. Halloween Props
    I was wondering if anyone can help troubleshoot my morris costumes lurching werewolf that won't work. In trying to get things started for halloween, I was setting up this prop. When I went to plug him in he fell strait forward on his face and now when I plug him in and put him in the "on"...
  3. Halloween Props
    Not sold on the name yet. Had this idea rattling in my head for at least a year, and though we're scaling well back this year, I still wanted to get this one built. Had use it or lose it situation on my vacation, so taking a few days off and getting a couple hours to work in the new air...
  4. General Halloween
    My costume is almost done but I feel like I have so much to do yet and I just found out I am going to lose Sunday because my husband made plans without telling me. *runs around screaming* Are YOU ready?
  5. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone :) I'm so glad I came across this forum because I am obsessed with halloween. I live in a small village on the west coast of Ireland and have yet to find someone who is as passionate about halloween as I am. I love decorating our family home but I don't have a large variety of...
  6. General Halloween
    Okay, there seems to be 2 camps about a Saturday Halloween. Those who think their numbers will be up and those who expect smaller numbers. Since the last Saturday Halloween was 2009, I don't remember, Saturday being more impactful. I'm going with, no change, I lose the kids (3:00) going home...
1-6 of 8 Results