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  1. Lord Grimley's Manor New Monstrous Masks and more ... 2013

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    Hello Fellow Minions and Morlocks, Lord Grimley's Manor would like to announce our offerings bubbling up from the underworld for 2013. Mr. Tom Devlin from the first season of SyFy's Face Off has been hard at work creating new half-masks and full over the head masks for the new season...
  2. Lord Grimley's Manor seeks good home for zombies !!!!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Wait What !?!? Hey there fellow minions .. are you excited yet ?? Halloween is almost here !! Well, in a few months ... This year you can expect to see some fantastic Tom Devlin half-masks, lycans and werewolves, and an ancient apothecary unearthed by our very own Dr. Mortimer...