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  1. Wanted to Buy
    Hello, I've been looking for a few things for a while now and wanted to know if any of you guys had any of them. Below are the images of the particular ones I'm looking for, I'm looking for someone who can ship and is willing to send me pictures of the products before I pay for them. I'm open...
    $50 USD
  2. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for Halloween clown items. If you have anything that you're willing to sell, let me know!! Examples of the type of stuff I'm looking for:
  3. Wanted to Buy
    I’m looking for the dark elf mask sheep cote clod, so far I’ve been unable to find it anywhere!
  4. General Halloween
    So awhile ago while spending way to much time on the forum, when i should of been at work, I found this awesome yard haunt that a fellow member had created. I know that the video was on youtube and related to scarefactory. I was trying to find it to show my husband the cool projection they...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hi, I want to be Harry Warden this year, and I'm trying to find a pickaxe. For some unearthly reason though, no one has bothered to make a cheap scale plastic pickaxe. I would make one myself, but I can't even build a Lego tower. I would get real ones, but I'm sure it is illegal to carry those...
1-5 of 5 Results