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  1. Anyone have makeblock mdrawbot?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Out it together.... but cant download the proper driver to work with the computer. Very frustrating. Sent an e mail. Looked for a solution on their forum. But it isnt very user friendly. Never had such a problem downloading a driver.
  2. Hello from New York!!

    Member Introduction
    Hello from New York! I came upon this website late October last year and I found it again this year and thought I would join because your Forums looked so cool with all the decorations you share and everything! :):):)
  3. What the...! Fox! (vocalizations/sounds)

    Halloween Music
    I'm sure this is common knowledge for a lot of folks, but... So my wife has been watching the British Midsomer Murders on Netflix and she noticed that 50% of 'em have this freaky little scream repeating off in the distance in the night time scenes. We both listened to it and figured it was some...
  4. Prop Showcase: heads up clown box

    Halloween Props
    someone wanted to see what the heads up clown original box looked like.
  5. "The Man Who Beat "Ms. Death"

    Literature and Role-Playing
    "Mr. Barns? Mr. Delmar Barns?" "Y-e-s, who are you?" "I am Ross Fisk." "Who? Ross Fisk, I contacted you a week ago about coming to interview you." "You, did?... Oh, just a minute, I will ask Marcella, she keeps track of my things like that.....yes, she knows, or rather remembers you and your...
  6. Static: Fixin Freddy's face

    Halloween Props
    A while back a friend asked my wife if I could fix the broken neck on her Freddy Kreuger prop as he had crashed . I said I would give it a whirl so she sent it along. It was in fact Freddy in name only. The broken neck was the least of it. Someone had just taken a mannequin covered it with some...
  7. Need help finding a Halloween parody song...

    Halloween Music
    I was listening to Halloween Radio and a song came on that was a parody version of the Beatles "I saw her standing there." But the name of the parody song was "I smelled her rotting there" by Ghoulio. I've looked all over the Internet but I wasn't able to find it.. Does anyone know where I can...
  8. Haunted House

    Halloween Music
    I don't have a cover scan for this one because I don't remember what it looked like. DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/zqh1ngefuutg2rspd5hwfoh1w32edcu9
  9. Looked in my rear view mirror and saw this!

    General Halloween
    I looked in my rear view mirror today and it was raining I have window cling eyes on my back window and the rear window wiper caused this to happen. Definitely Halloween time!
  10. Angel Tomb

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is a question for the older members a long time ago I remember seeing an angel tomb tutorial it looked like a big coffin with an angel on top of it..... anyone????
  11. Witch finger cookies - Caution TOO CREEPY to eat lol

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I made these for my colleagues and they looked so realistic it creeped out some of my colleagues ahhahah
  12. Mechanical: NEED HELP! Got this second hand, where does cord go?

    Halloween Props
    Hi Got this zombie girl on a swing..... there is a cord with a cube on the end with a hole in it (attached to the base of her butt). Where does this plug into?? Looked everywhere!! grr frustrated. thanks for any help you give me!
  13. Pneumatic: Pneumatic Actuator

    Halloween Props
    I just saw a automated coffin on YouTube, where the guy made the lid fly open with the help of a motion detector. What I found interesting was he made a couple of pneumatic actuators out of standard ole screen door closer's. by taping the ends hooking up some tubing and running air to them. Has...
  14. "Halloween leaf girl" - Unorthodox attempts to build a dryad.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Talia is always challenging for me. I got creepy down, no problem. But she wants to be pretty AND creepy. She also gets something in her head and don't let it go. Think it was about a year ago, she had chosen her costume for last year, and we saw this on Faceoff. She said right...
  15. need recommendation for haunted house Painting ? Please

    General Halloween
    Looking for a Haunted house type painting . This will be a christmas gift for my 21 yr old daughter .. Not sure where to look . I only looked at Lewis Lehrman . Any recommendation be thankful Rick
  16. Black Mirror - twilight zoneish fun.

    Horror Discussion
    Black Mirror http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2085059/ Stumbled onto this on Netflix last night. The pilot was SO DAMN BRITISH they almost lost me. Found the whole idea rather silly. Maybe I just don't get the whole fascination with the royal family or something, whatever. If the second...
  17. Prop Showcase: Rocking Granny - looked as cute on Halloween as she did on her wedding day.

    Halloween Props
    Rocking Granny - looked as cute on Halloween as she did on her wedding day. The camera wasn't very kind to the lighting that turned out pretty good.
  18. Other: Best day ever

    Halloween Props
    Looked what I just scored for $1.50 at Goodwill.
  19. Lighting: Flaming Trick r' Treat Pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    I made one of these back in 2007. I never really liked how that one looked. This one is better. I finished it yesterday. It's just a Funkin and a silk flame.
  20. Skeleton leggings

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I bought a pair of skeleton leggings at Kroger. They looked neat and opaque in the package but when I tried them on they looked a bit see through. :( I was wondering whether or not I should return them. I think they were a bit pricey for not being opaque. It's more like whether I can work with...