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  1. Need help on costume completion

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So my theme this year is the serial killer farm; building scarecrows, fire pits, corn stalks, etc. I have a great mask but need to figure out what hair to wear with it. The outfit will be overalls with a white long sleeve tee or flannel ( whatever I choose, all will have blood and rips all over...
  2. Static: Jack Skellington

    Halloween Props
    OK so huge progress was made today on the Jack Skellington head. He is finally looking like a JACK. I have to say a huge thanks to ThereGoesTheNeighborhood for the tutorial......only thing negative I have to say is.....before I began I wish she would of said to plan at least 3 weeks for the...
  3. Long 'drapey" moss - where to buy?

    Wanted to Buy
    I'm from Colorado - we don't get nearly enough rain to get moss of any type, let alone the long, swampy, flowing, drapey moss from swamps. I'm having a really difficult time finding any to buy. Of course I can find lots of dry Spanish moss, but that doesn't hang/flow the same. Anyone have...