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  1. Retro-a-go-go Mummy GID mask

    Halloween Props
    A little while back I clicked on a thread someone had posted looking for a large (like 3-5 foot) skull mask. While doing a search to help out (think someone else posted about Retro-a-Go-Go in the thread) I ended up at Retro-a-Go-Go's website. Had been on it sometime back for a tiki retro item I...
  2. What is "safe" to store in an outdoor storage locker?

    General Halloween
    Hi, could use people's suggestions based on your own experience about what kinds of things you feel can safely be stored in an outdoor storage locker situation without having the contents being damaged from cold, heat or mold (due to cold temperatures). BTW this is in a commercial complex of...
  3. Electronic/Software: Convert piezo sound sensor to PIR (HC-SR501)

    Halloween Props
    I just started getting into hacking props this year. Maybe next year I'll try my hand a my own custom props. Anyway... Last year, I bought the Rising Reaper on clearance at Wal-Mart. It runs off of 3 AA batteries. I dislike battery operated props, so I converted it to AC power by simply using a...
  4. Mechanical: Zultan transistor

    Halloween Props
    I'm hoping to find a transistor expert in here. I've got an old Zultan that we've had forever and we love. The Curtains stopped opening (common problem). Temporarily I wired them open, but now I'm trying to fix it. In chasing the lack of voltage getting to the motor I came across a...
  5. House Tracking Website

    Hey guys new to the forum. I made up a basic website to track cool houses around Canada. Just right click on the map and add any cool places or your own place with a picture if you'd like. halloweenmap.ca If there is support I can make up one for the US as well or feel free to mark you US...
  6. Sad to report TechShop closes all doors

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Read on our local news link that the TechShop has filed for bankruptcy and closed all of its location doors across the country. They were a great source of tools for DIYers and offered some really nice classes. They also provided workshop space for people who didn't otherwise have a place to do...
  7. 2016 Gordmans Decor!!! Video included!

    General Halloween
    Guys!!!! I bought my first Halloween decor for 2016!!!! Wheeee!!!!! We have two Gordmans in our city. I went to one for this haul and then today went to the other location...just to check....to creep...and see.... They pretty much had the same stuff but I did get a few more pieces...
  8. New Game? "Best & Worst Locations"

    Best Location for?.. a Haunted house? Worst location for a Haunted house? Best location-Surrounded by brand new, expensive houses in a new subdivision. Your old haunt would be a "Stand-Out"! Nobody else has anything like it here! Worst location:On a movie lot with other decrepit looking...
  9. Haunted House Hoemade in NJ! Needs Name!

    General Halloween
    I'm running a haunted house this year in NJ near Philly and need a name. We have a overgrown porch set,haunted dinner scene,butcher shop,clown jail,asylum room and witch kitchen room. Very creepy with amazing latex masks and many homemade props. I need name ideas to fit the themes and location...
  10. Non Staining Blood

    Working on a micro budget short horror movie and need a recipe, or source, for non staining blood. Scenes will have blood splatter on table, wall, and photo, as well as on actors. Would like something that will not stain skin, clothes, or location. Blood does not have to last long, but must...
  11. The FrightProps 2015 catalog has arrived!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Howdy, Haunters! I figured I'd drop a line here real quick to let everyone know that our new catalog is available online. If you'd like a hard copy, just get on over to this link here and all you've gotta do is cover shipping to your location...
  12. Location theme (my opinion)

    General Halloween
    I just like to make it mach the location of your haunt to make it realistic.. In my opinion.. :) like this: city matches to zombie apocalypse. suburb matches to Cemetery (you can pretend it's been built around.) or alien crash site. well, you can still do whatever you want for the theme.
  13. Was I really that obsessed?? :D

    General Halloween
    I've spent the last couple of weeks sorting through my halloween stuff and moving it to my new location. What a wild trip down the halloween forum memory lane! lol I came across the 'black boxes' that everyone was crazy about when I joined the forum years ago. The light organ we made for our...
  14. Audacity help

    Halloween Music
    Hey there all! Simple question for everyone. Looking through all the posts recently and I saw a tutorial for audacity, that I I thought was from Halloween Bob, but now I can't find it to save my life (so to speak). If anyone knows the hidden location of this most helpful info I I would...
  15. Location, Location, Location.

    General Halloween
    I found a 7 foot hanging ghoul at Family Dollar for $5! I'm undecided what to do though. I'm thinking of hanging him off a branch on my tree and incorporate him into my graveyard. But, I also considered to keep him in, out of elements and utilize him as part of the decor for my Halloween party...
  16. Wiper Motor Wiring 2 - Adding a second park location!

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    For those of you interested in using wiper motors to power your props, you might find this video interesting. In it, I show you how to use the park features and, more importantly, add a SECOND park location so you prop will stop part way around a cycle before being allowed to continue. Check it...
  17. Detroit are you there/

    General Halloween
    Hello all, I'm guessing that if you are reading this that you either A.) Live out here or B.) Caught a chill by the name ;p But yeah I am just curious as to if any how many of you are out there- er... at least on this site. This isn't exclusive though. Where (state) are all of you from who...
  18. Help needed, party relocation for 70 people!

    General Halloween
    It wouldn't be me if I didn't ask for help just before Hallowe'en... but I seem to have a bad luck vibe the last two years. My bar is gone, my pride and joy. Turning in the keys next week. Next bar: after Hallowe'en. If you want to read what happened, see my latest two blogs. I was going to...