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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi there, Well, I had every intention in the world of building my own Horse Drawn Hearse, but.....have purchased a Real Hearse instead. Yup......I finally found and bought an actual Older Hearse, so I really have no need for any of the parts that I have been collecting for the past year or more...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hi All, I live in Raymond, WA where I do my best to bring Halloween to a small, rural community. I've lived here 2 years and this will be my 3rd Halloween here. I'm slowly building up a decent yard haunt to thrill the trick-or-treaters. Right now all my stuff is in the attic but it all comes...
  3. Member Introduction
    Hello! My name is Kira. I'm a mom, wife, self-professed pirate, small business owner, and probably a handful of other not so exciting things. I live in Spokane, WA. I have loved the horror and macabre since I was a teenager and it has persisted well into adulthood, though I suppose the goth...
1-3 of 3 Results