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  1. out in the middle of nowhere

    General Halloween
    So I am gathering from reading forums and blogs that a lot of you have large crowds that come around on Halloween? I am not sure what it says about me that I live out in the country with few neighbors and NEVER get any trick or treaters (except the grandkids) and decorate just to please myself...
  2. This is a BIG prop!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I'm selling my "Collector" from last year. He is about 14 feet tall and breaks down into several (obviously) large pieces. (For perspective, I'm 6 foot.) He is built out of wood and screwed together with decking brackets, steel strapping and such so he is very solid. His head is actually one big...
  3. When can you start decorating outside?

    General Halloween
    My neighbor has a clay pumpkin outside already, does that mean i can start cluttering my yard with halloween decorations? When is too early? Also, I live in a neighborhood full of kids, and i have none. Add the gossip element in as well! K GO!
  4. Static: Help with Tombstones

    Halloween Props
    So....I'm still new to building my props/decorations, just started last year. What's the best yet most inexpensive way to make tombstones? Where I live, it can rain quite a bit :/ SO any suggestions on water proofing would be awesome sauce!!!! TIA!
  5. wanting to change costume HELP!!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    For the last 2 years I have been Madusa ! and I love it but I am getting tired or it need a COOL costume that is not to scary since we have an all age haunt and I am the gate keeper!( tell them when they can go through to avoid to many in at a time) I live in Mississippi so it can be either...
  6. Scream Park California - Halloween Event - Expands to Sacramento CA - Oct 2014

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Scream Park California is set to open a colossal Halloween theme park for the 2014 October season. Scream Park California features 3 outrageous haunted houses, live music concerts, food, drink, and live entertainment. For tickets and info, visit their website below:
  7. Oh wow! I think I found my way home!

    Member Introduction
    I just stumbled on this place while googeling for clown animatronics! Just reading through some threads I knew I had to join! I feel like a kid who was put up for adoption and finally found my real family! Halloween is 365 days a year at my house. I live alone so I can do this (or maybe it's why...
  8. Live Stream of my Halloween Haunt!!

    General Halloween
    I just wanted to let everyone know I will be Live Streaming my Halloween Yard Haunt this year! There will be two, possibly 3, camera angles. I have a magic mirror setup, grave yard, tons of lighting, and some brand new video effects! Live streaming will take place on my blog here...