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    Happy Halloween! Sorry if there is a thread for this already, I searched! Looking for links to watch Live TOTs at someones house/haunt as I am not getting any TOTs this year. For example, Youtube. Thanks! :cool:
  2. General Halloween
    Are there are people from Romania on this forum? Or does anyone know of any online forum/group dedicated to Romanian fans of Halloween? I'd like to get in touch with more people that like Halloween, as I do, but that live in the same theoretically non-Halloween country as me.
  3. General Halloween
    You know you want to! It's a little over three weeks out but we all want to keep tabs on the weather forecasts, even though we know they'll change almost daily. As of now, we're looking at cloudy, 57/49. I can live with that. Actually I don't put any stock into them until about two days before...
  4. Member Introduction
    Hello world! I am a new member and I am already hooked. So excited to that there are people out there that wish Halloween was 24/7 365 days lol I love everything about it. Ever since I was a kid it has always been my favorite holiday! I live in Canada Alberta and I'm a stay at home Mom of 4...
  5. General Halloween
    For the past two years my haunt's soundtrack has been a randomized "LIVE" sequence patched together on my modular synthesizer rig: My friend at the local paper dropped by unannounced on Devil's night, and posted some video onto her paper's web-page. I didn't have the fog or spider swarm...
  6. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for Gemmy cauldron witch I'm looking for a lifesize Gemmy cauldron witch. I would like it in good working condition with box preferably.
  7. Member Introduction
    Hey there fellow Halloween people! My name is Drew. I'm a long time lurker about these parts, and it's been a long time since I joined a forum - but if you all seem like nice like minded people so thought I would give it a go. A bit about me: - I live in Southern California, about 40 minutes...
  8. General Halloween
    Here we go again! Every year I bring this up, the one purely natural Atmosphere Effect that nobody can control, but plays (sometimes) a big part in setting the "feel" of Hallowe'en Night. This year could be one of those years; we have a 3/4 Moon. Not bad, I can live with that!
  9. hey

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    hello my fellow Halloween lovers!!!! I am Nicole but I go by a lot of names the 2 famous manes I am known for are Vamp and Kitty. I am so glad I am not the only one that absolutely loves Halloween!!! I think earth should be like Halloween Town! but that wont happen..... okay so I am 21, still...
  10. General Halloween
    Didn't see a 2015 thread for Sam's Club this year, and since I just saw a news story on CNBC that Sam's Club made a big deal to bring Frankenstein head molded pumpkins to their stores this year for under $30, I thought I should start a thread. Sure they must have other halloween items of...
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    "Halloween Cemetery 3D" Live Wallpaper ;) One of the most amazing Halloween 3D live wallpapers on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Enjoy spooky cemetery environment with cute dancing skeletons from 9 different cameras! Handpainted textures and realistic lighting will present special...
  12. Member Introduction
    hello everyone..pardon my english writing for i live in belgium..this forum has been an inspiration..
  13. Member Introduction
    Hi every one been lurking for a while now and decided to join. I am a big Fan of Halloween I decorate my yard every year even if its not much. I have worked at Spirit Halloween for the past three years now as well being a full time Correctional Officer and Father. My family and I live in South...
  14. Hi!

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    Hi, I'm Alison. Glad to have found this forum, looking forward to sharing great Halloween ideas, tips and tricks. ;) I live in Savannah, Georgia, ?
  15. Halloween Props
    Has anyone bought the "live wires" from Spirit Halloween yet? I saw them yesterday and am thinking of buying them. I would love to see pics in your display to give me some ideas on how to use them.... link to "live wires" below .
  16. Halloween Props
    bought mine end of last year and noticed it doesnt have directions lol, anyone have them? maybe take a scan or even just a pic of them to send me? there live chat lady couldn't get anything. thanks!
  17. Member Introduction
    My name is Bill I live in Toronto ontario and i will be posting some of my crafts here soon. Love this forum!:mad:
  18. Member Introduction
    Hello! Not particularly new here, but I haven't flown by in a good spell! My name is Cortney and I live in Texas ?
  19. General Halloween
    Depending on where you live, there are some natural sounds that follow the changing of the seasons. We live in Pa. on a mountain, with several acres and tons of forest all around. I can tell summer is growing long since the cicadas have started droning away during the day and into the evening...
  20. General Halloween
    I'm going over the posts of Halloween hitting some of the stores already and saw how some places have already received their decorations while others around me have nothing yet. So the question is which stores gets the good stuff first and how long does it take for it to spread to the others. I...