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  1. Static: Cleaver epitaph for a Stella Live stone?

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have an amusing epitaph to add to a Stella Live tombstone I'm working on? It sits over a breathing grave and I feel it needs more than just the name but I can't think of anything!
  2. Mechanical: Help!!!

    Halloween Props
    Hey All...by any chance is there anyone in the Dallas/ft.worth area that fixes props..i 4 of my (9) that have issues...i can bring to u or u come to me...i live in little elm..(75068).. hope someone can help..thanks for any info!!:o
  3. Hello from The D!

    Member Introduction
    OK, I live in the Detroit suburbs but you get the idea. I've been into Halloween since I was a kid, it's the only holiday, right? Is there anyone else here from SE MI?
  4. Mechanical: Projectors Outside

    Halloween Props
    Hey all! So I want to add a little spectre fun to my cemetery this year (love to have some little ghostie flitting about the tomb stones.) but am not sure how to keep my projector protected from the elements and maybe secure from taking an unauthorized walk. (I live outside Portland, Oregon so...
  5. Did Anyone Catch Any Orbs On Halloween Photos?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    On some of our Trick Or Treat photos, there are many orbs, others hardly any. I wonder if it's because we live not too far from the town cemetery. They almost seem to be following the trick or treaters...
  6. My first ToT!

    General Halloween
    So I have never lived in an area that gets ToT's and where I'm currently living is no different. I just moved here 7 months ago and it's all flat, corporate boxes surrounded by a major airport and a bunch of apartments. Anyway, I decided to throw on some makeup and a pulled out something from my...
  7. Halloween Live on Youtube!

    General Halloween
    So I have been playing with OBS and have a feed of one of my cameras of the front yard. I am putting it live most times from around 9pm to midnight edt as I work away on the show. Soon i will have multiple camera angle and will broadcast live halloween night.
  8. Boo Crew on Church Street, San Jose, CA is going Pirates for 2017!

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    One of the best neighborhood haunts in the San Jose, California area is the one put on each year by Bob Schiro, family and the "Boo Crew" of friends. They just ask for food donations if you want to stop by. Fabulous, amazing work each year and a different theme as well. Stopped by their facebook...
  9. New member in Burbank, CA

    Member Introduction
    Hello! I just found this forum today. I'm a long-time Halloween fan and now I'm writing a book all about people who love Halloween, home haunters, etc. focusing on Burbank, CA, where I live. if you're a home haunter, work as professional in a Halloween-related industry, or anything else and you...
  10. Other: Mixing Old Paint (with a drill)

    Halloween Props
    So like many of you I have many cans of mis-tint paint that I picked up for cheap. They've all been stored inside my house and should still be good. I live about 5 minutes away from Lowe's, so going over to get them shaken isn't that big a deal, but sometimes I just want to get right into...
  11. Hor Far is "Too Far"?

    General Halloween
    Over the decades, my wife has accused me of taking this Halloween thing too far.. I admit, accidentally unleashing over 2,000 bluebottles for our 'Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies' was a tad extreme...but with no food supply, they all died in a couple of days. We DID have to vacuum up a lot of...
  12. Apartment Decorating

    General Halloween
    Good Day everyone. I was just thinking about what the title is and decided to post here, as I am sure some of ya'll can relate as well. So, we all know that there's TONS of creativity when it comes to Halloween decorating. The only problem with that, however, is the space you can work with. Some...
  13. Lowes 2017/Lowes Canada

    General Halloween
    Hi everyone first post for me. I thought I start a Lowes thread since it doesn't look like one has been started yet for 2017. It looks like Lowes Canada ?? has started already listing new things online. Also it seems Lowes U.S. has listed a couple of things as well I'll add some photos of the...
  14. Lighting: Harry Potter Candles

    Halloween Props
    Hi I am looking into doing outdoor Harry Potter floating candles and need suggestions on the strongest fishing line to use for the job. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I live in the UK so I don't have dollartree or walmart etc. Thanks for any help in advance!
  15. I'm BAAA-AAAACK... looking for central Indiana haunters

    Member Introduction
    Hey, haven't been on here for awhile. Had a couple of successful years in the Irvington home decorating competition... Headed up the street fair and masquerade decorations last year, and doing the masquerade again this year. If you live in the Indianapolis area and might be interested in...
  16. Consider Going "Live"

    General Halloween
    As satisfying as making humanoid props out of pvc and duct tape and wiper motors may be, let's face it, they're often more of a curiosity than a fright. One hockey-masked person jumping out the shadows has more shock value than a dozen CVS skeletons. I'm not here to suggest that you create...
  17. Midnight Syndicate Live! at Cedar Point HalloWeekends 2017

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hello, Just wanted to share this announcement. We, Midnight Syndicate, will be performing live again at Cedar Point's HalloWeekends again this year. 2017 marks our 20th year of creating Halloween music for the Halloween, haunted attraction, and amusement park industries and we can't think of...
  18. Breaking News from Midnight Syndicate

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Breaking news from Midnight Syndicate! MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE LIVE! RETURNS TO CEDAR POINT FOR HALLOWEEKENDS 2017 We are thrilled to announce that Midnight Syndicate Live! will be returning to Cedar Point's HalloWeekends this fall! We've got a new show in a new theater that we can't wait to share...
  19. Gobbler Hollow Yard Haunt 2016

    General Halloween
    Greetings Everyone! We had to skip 2015, so it was nice to be back in 2016! We had approx 250 visitors, which is down from 2014... but not bad for a Monday night. Sure had a lot of fun! Many regulars were back and much fun was had. Had several visitors say they felt this was our best year...
  20. Electronic/Software: Peppers Ghost 2016- Haunted Organist

    Halloween Props
    I have always wanted to build a full size Peppers Ghost rig. Finally got the space and time to build one, found a cool 1880's pump organ for a background prop. Made the video. It is a lot of fun to try different videos/ effects. Even though is set up for video, it would work great with a live...