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  1. 2019 CVS Locations Closing

    General Halloween
    Saw that 40 of the CVS stores around the country will be closing. I know they have been a great source for many of halloween items and props over the years. Here's a USA Today article that lists the ones slated to close...
  2. 2018 Merry Reaper likes and dislikes lists

    General Halloween
    here is where to put your DETAILED likes list for both Halloween and Christmas. The longer the list and the most details the better!!!
  3. 2nd reaper 2017: likes & dislikes list

    General Halloween
    here is the place for your lists, not sure why I didn't put it out !! duh,,,,
  4. Big Reaper 2017: Likes & Dislikes List!

    General Halloween
    Dust off your lists every one, make your updates, cuz here it is, time to post your lists for the big reaper!!! YAY!!
  5. What are the best makeup tutorials for women?

    I think this is an amazing list, which one of these do you like best? Do you know any other good similar lists? https://www.buzzfeed.com/annierkinaro/7-times-youtube-beauty-vloggers-slayed-halloween-2n9mr?utm_term=.bmAG6REPQ#.ih7ER5n6K
  6. LIKES AND DISLIKES for the 2nd reaper for 2016

    General Halloween
    here is where you post your lists for the likes and dislikes for the second reaper, 2016!
  7. Craigs lists finds

    General Halloween
    http://newlondon.craigslist.org/zip/5052989540.html for my fellow haunters..craigs list..the wealth is here during the summer ...get them now and look for goodies BEFORE it gets into september