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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    his is a great scare in a place where guests feel "safe" - startles them every time! $410 new - why buy new? Excellent condition - easy to program - works great! Needs an air compressor. Posting it cheaper here than on ebay (but it is listed there too) - $275 + shipping
  2. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Atmosfx wkly decoration sale - thru Fri 4/12 - 50% off on "Rising Corpses" projection Happened to visit AtmosfearFX's website this afternoon to see what was new. I've been thinking about adding their dino projections and still not sure if I want the whole collection of just a few of the scenes...
  3. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    $400 plus shipping (I really don't want to get rid of but I have never displayed him and I am downsizing). He has some issues. I got three years ago from original owner, but he did not take care of his props. I tossed the box as it had some mildew. I washed all his clothes and hot-glued his...
  4. Halloween Props
    So this year I purchased a rotting corpse from Distortions Unlimited and I needed a coffin to display it. Let me just say, there are NOOOO decent coffins to purchase retail! I searched because I didn’t want to build it this year. Well, I ended up having to build one. I’m glad I did because it...
  5. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Right now Michael's online has the 9" fake pumpkins that is normally listed at $20 on sale for $4. I just ordered 8 of them for $42 total including shipping. While supplies last
  6. Halloween Props
    Simple DIY project to add a little touch of Haunted Mansion to your Halloween decor. Full how to listed in YouTube video description
  7. Halloween Props
    Time out for some humor re: "It looked a lot bigger in the photo." I found a deal on the Scarabelle Clown Puppet and while waiting for delivery I fetched a wiper motor from storage and was preparing to make a beefy crank ghost type frame to animate the life size clown puppet. Opps. My bad. I...
  8. Halloween Props
    I'm in need of a smaller lightning machine and the Perfect Storm 2.0 (with audio input) seems like the one to get. I have an IZombie unit that I run for the outside lightning and thunder, but I'm going to have lightning in the mad lab and it's too far to tie into the IZombie unit. They have one...
  9. General Halloween
    https://www.christmastreeshops.com/search.do?query=halloween&cx=0&sortby=bestSellersAscend&page=all also look under new arrivals, theres like a couple of things not listed
  10. Halloween Props
    Hi, Do any of you guys own any props from unit70.com? Unit 70 studios has some pretty cool props and animatronics might buy a prop for this year I narrowed it down to these listed they are animated sorry no videos of them though which one would you think would make the best scare? The corn...
  11. Halloween Props
    With http://minionsweb.com/ seeming to be down and out I am trying to track down some LED spot/floods equal to their selection. I am curious if anyone has tried the bulb listed below. http://www.ledholidaylighting.com/led-par-38-blue.aspx
  12. Wanted to Buy
    Hi haunters So I am selling of my inflatables and plan to replace them with props that I have been wanting they are organized and listed below. If you don't see a prop you have just pm me and I will see if I want them. So here we go: Heads up series HEADS UP HARRY HEADS UP HILDA HEADS UP FRANKY...
  13. For Sale By Merchants
    has some awesome DotD and vintage-inspired items listed today. I think it's worth a look. :)
  14. For Sale By Merchants
    I already sold out of my original design of these bags. I now have a new pattern and they're listed on Etsy. I am currently taking in pre-orders! Visit: www.PetuniasFinest.etsy.com to take a peek!
  15. Halloween Props
    Looking to see iif they added any new clips to the. Upcoming witches dvd. Not much they are showing right now. I see they have listed a 3dfx prop mode. Wondering if. anyone has details about this? Sounds like you would project onto a figure???
1-15 of 22 Results