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  1. Talking Skull Project on the Cheap Pt. 2

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    OK here is the promised tutorial on the cheap talking skull build. I'm trying to create a talking skull, that will react to any audio file you run through it, for less than $30... The first step was to cut the skull in a way to get access to the inside in a way that viewers couldn't see the...
  2. Static: CVS headless horseman , going to his grave

    Halloween Props
    very rough idea of what I have in mind . Coffin needs lined and finished and headless needs more grooming and some detailing but....
  3. Static: Baby Toe Pincher - with side benefits

    Halloween Props
    I see everyone's great work and thought I'd share a little side project I put together with my buddy a couple of years back. We made a full size toe-pincher and another for about a 12 year old to get into. These have worked great, unbelievable how many easy scares you get when you open the...