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  1. 2018 Merry Reaper likes and dislikes lists

    General Halloween
    here is where to put your DETAILED likes list for both Halloween and Christmas. The longer the list and the most details the better!!!
  2. 2018 merry reaper sign up and discussion thread

    General Halloween
    Well, it is time for the Merry Reaper , PLEASE, for your sake, AND for the sake of your reaper , please participate in the thread, even if just commenting once in a while, and make it easier by having picture, pinterest, or the like. Also PLEASE let your reaper know when your gift...
  3. Guide to visiting pet sematary filming locations

    Horror Discussion
    For anyone who likes the movie Pet Sematary, you'll want to watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZfVFcngpm0
  4. Building Strait Even Fence

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So a few years ago when I first built a fence for my hard i struggled to keep everything strait and even. It took some thought but I created this item to help me build consistent fencing every time. It was build with 5 pieces of 5 foot long boards (I cut them CRUDELY down to 4 feet to be...
  5. 2018 2nd reaper likes and dislikes list

    General Halloween
    Here is where you post your likes and dislikes list,,, PLEASE PLEASE make it as detailed as you can, it will help you get gifts you really like!!!!
  6. 2018 Big reaper Likes and Dislikes thread!!!!!

    General Halloween
    here is where to put your likes list, the one thing I ask, is PLEASE PLEASE make it detailed, examples: instead of I like witches, what about them? Do you want a spell book, potion bottles, wiccan items, broom, witchy wreath or signs. It will help your reaper, and keep you a happier victim!!!
  7. Likes and Dislikes thread for the 2018 Ostra/ Spring reaper

    General Halloween
    here is where to post your likes and dislikes list for the spring reaper!!!! remember, Spring, Easter, St Patrick's Day, and of COURSE, Halloween!! PLEASE PLEASE make the lists as detailed as possible!!!!
  8. disabling email notification for "likes"

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I can't find where to disable email notifications for when someone likes my posts, I have disabled all other email notifications already. I dont need to know when I get likes. Thanks
  9. For anyone who likes Creepy Stories :)

    Be Busta Stories https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ir6MfYIuyvVJS_DhOhcJw
  10. Likes and dislikes list for the 2016 Merry reaper

    General Halloween
    Here we go, the likes thread for merry reaper 2016. I Make it as detailed as possible. If you think you are listing too much, it's probably just right!
  11. LIKES AND DISLIKES for the 2nd reaper for 2016

    General Halloween
    here is where you post your lists for the likes and dislikes for the second reaper, 2016!
  12. Likes & dislike list for One Box Reaper

    General Halloween
    Post up your likes and Dislike list here for the one box Reaper
  13. likes and dislikes thread for the 2016 winter reaper

    General Halloween
    here is the place to post your likes and dis likes, remember, make it DETAILED! example, if you like witches, what about them, potion bottles, hats, brooms, etc, the more detail you go into the easier it is for your reaper,
  14. How do I turn off...

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Does anyone know how to turn off the email notifications for likes and thanks but not for replies?
  15. Likes and Dislikes thread for the 2015 Merry Reaper

    General Halloween
    here is the likes thread for this years Merry reaper, once again PLEASE make the list with as much DETAIL as possible!!! Seriously, you can not have too much detail, it makes it SO much easier for your reaper!!!!
  16. ****** Mini Reaper Likes and Dislike ****

    General Halloween
    Here is the likes and dislikes for the mini reaper . post up here and remember the more you have on your list the easier it is for your reaper
  17. Likes Dislikes Lists for the 2015 Winter Reaper!

    General Halloween
    And, here is the thread for the likes list, PLEASE, And I so can not stress this enough!!!! PLEASE make the list as detailed as possible, Being vague is very frustrating for your reaper, for example, I like witches should be more like, I like witch hats, potion bottles, cauldrons,, etc. so...
  18. Attention, the new 2015 likes and dislikes list for Payitforward Surprise

    General Halloween
    As promised, here is the new thread for likes and dis likes, all friends of payitforward surprise, please up date you needs here, if you want to join in, befriend payitforward surprise and also send us your address information, and then post here so we know who is participating in it! Every...
  19. Thanks / Likes

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Not sure what section to post in. I'm sure this is stupid but if I receive a "Like" I get an email with a link stating I received the Thanks/Like. When I click on the link it just takes me to my profile. I would like to see what post it is that has been "Liked" I see under the community tab...
  20. Rest In Pieces Volume 3

    Halloween Music
    Volume 3 is ready to go. I really had fun with this volume. I hope SOMEONE likes it too : ) http://www.mediafire.com/download/vbqw2y4rw4b72ou/Rest_In_Pieces_Volume_3.zip Track list: 01 - MacBeth (1971) - Toil and Trouble 02 - Nox Arcana - Hall Of The Witch Queen 03 - The Wizard Of Oz - I'm...