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  1. Mechanical: Axworthy Ghost motor question

    Halloween Props
    What would the average size motor be for an Axworthy Ghost? I will be using a lightweight ghoul head with foam arms and cheesecloth so he will be not weigh much at all and my yard is maybe 60 feet across so the cable he will travel on will be about 130ft. I have never built one of these and I...
  2. Retro-a-go-go Mummy GID mask

    Halloween Props
    A little while back I clicked on a thread someone had posted looking for a large (like 3-5 foot) skull mask. While doing a search to help out (think someone else posted about Retro-a-Go-Go in the thread) I ended up at Retro-a-Go-Go's website. Had been on it sometime back for a tiki retro item I...
  3. Mechanical: Flying reaper help needed

    Halloween Props
    I'm sure most of us have seen the flying reaper scare on You Tube. I know he used fishing line and a hexacopter. I want to do This same scare on a much lower level; using a premade lightweight ( 4oz.) Reaper decoration. I am sure I won't need a $1000 hexacopter for his stunt . What would be...
  4. Beef Netting Web, Giant, Lightweight Foil Spider

    Halloween Props
    #$%@ Pinterest made me want to try to make a foil spider. Lightweight, weatherproof, huge! NOTHING STICKS TO $%&# FOIL! Found that out not as quickly as expected. Here's how I made mine: Legs: I stuck heavy wire in 5’&6’ pool noodles, crinkled & uncrinkled heavy duty foil and glued on with...
  5. Static: Easy torso

    Halloween Props
    I had quite a bit of 2 part fence setting foam left over from filling a mask. Happened to spy a plastic dog food bag( 40 pound I think). Mixed up the remaining goop and poured it in. Shortly thereafter I had a solid but lightweight torso. Didn't take a pic but should be self explanatory. Won't...
  6. Illuminated Skull Pathway Lights

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    My impulse buy from Big Lots this year--these lights are cool, but didn't quite meet my needs. But they might work for you! Made of lightweight blow-mold plastic, the lights illuminate and have a variety of spooky sound effects. Please PM me if interested!
  7. Mechanical: Need vortex tunnel help!

    Halloween Props
    We built a vortex tunnel about 6 years ago using aluminum channels as cross braces between the spinning rings. They worked great since they were lightweight and easy to attach to our metal rings, but after years of assembly/disassembly, they've become warped and bent to the point we can no...
  8. Foam Hat Material Question!

    Hi Yall! I'm hoping one you guys can shed light on the best (and cheapest) material I can use to make something similar to this. Im looking to modify this for a Halloween costume. Thanks! Needs to be lightweight - breathable (up top) and fit on a head. Appreciate any feedback you guys...
  9. Static: Ultra Lightweight Fully Posable Character Frame or "Skeleton"

    Halloween Props
    Ultra Lightweight Fully Posable Character Frame or "Skeleton" Used this method for my "Dorkin Man" An easy way to build a prop or character that is: >lightweight enough to dangle or hang >safe to bump against if hanging low >bounces and reacts to motion ( or if bumped) >fully posable -...
  10. Other: Molding question

    Halloween Props
    Hi all..I am doing hansel and gretel house for a fund raiser and I am making candies etc to attach to a board for front of little house. I found an aluminum cake pan in the shape of a cupcake at thrift store and thought I could do some lightweight molds and paint and attach to board. After I got...
  11. Static: Large, lightweight sculpture materials?

    Halloween Props
    Hello! I recently ran across this (awesome) image and am trying to figure out how to do something similar and what sort of materials to use. It would need to be something pretty lightweight so it can be attached to the top of the doorway without plummeting down to unsuspecting guests. Any...
  12. Lightweight Concrete

    General Halloween
    While perusing the threads within one I came across a 'recipe' for lightweight concrete. I think they were using them for tombstones. The stones we have now are straight concrete..I'd like to give the lightweight recipe a try but I can't find it and the google search didn't give me much. I...