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  1. New Mexico Newbie

    Member Introduction
    Last year was an eye opener for this newbie. I hadn't paid much attention to Halloween or perhaps I had lost the spirit of Halloween. It just so happened that I took my kid trick or treating, she finally got to the magical age. What I noticed was her disappointment when we'd arrive at a house...
  2. Other: 3 Axis Skull DUET with Jack-O-Lanters : 6 month of night work - DONE!

    Halloween Props
    This is our 3 year we doing Halloween decorations with BIG help of All of You ! Thanks Everyone for Great ideas, support and giving us energy and motivation for next year!!!! This is our fist year we Build 3 axis Skull using Triaxial design and Combine with Jack-o-Lanters AtmosFearFX DVD I...
  3. 2012 Halloween Light Show in Fresno, Ca

    General Halloween
    Hello, We used the many lessons we learned from this site to build a Halloween light show. This was our first year doing this. I find the store bought items to be so commercialized and it seemed everyone's display looked a like. Most of the stores in town sold the same stuff for Halloween...
  4. Minions Web has moved and has re-opened in NJ

    Announcements / Press Releases
    To all our friends, Minions Web has moved, and has re-opened for business. Almost 6 months ago, my wife was offered a position in another state. Since that offer was tendered, we scrambled to find a suitable place to live and to operate Minions Web in New Jersey. In three months we...
  5. Electronic/Software: Halloween Sequence File Sharing - Download LOR Sequences

    Halloween Props
    Hey all Just added a new Light-O-Rama Sequence File Sharing system for members to upload and share sequences with the community. All downloads will be categorized by holiday and number of channels. Also added this feature for Project Ideas, Plans and Music. Here are a few Halloween sequences I...