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  1. Halloween Sound Effects (Lightning, Screams etc.)

    Halloween Music
    Hello, I'm looking for some decent Halloween sound effects to use at my haunted house at my Taekwondo school this year. I already have a few sounds that are good but I'm looking for someone who has top-quality sound effects. So if you have any that may be helpful in my haunt let me know...
  2. Atmosphere Effects: Maybe I have a unique indoor lightning storm?

    Halloween Props
    Hi Folks, I haven't seen a post like this, so I'll share my "Indoor Lightning Storm" that I have perfected after a couple of years of playing around with it. In one area, our home has a really longgg room with a Wine Bar and dining area on one end and a living room area on the other. The...
  3. Other: Electric Chair prop

    Halloween Props
    Hi Folks, I want to make an electric chair prop that guests would sit on. I want to have it scare/startle them a little bit (Shiatsu massager under seat?) Any pics, ideas, don't-dos, etc. would help. I did buy two of those "blue lightning" 12-V. car accessory lights that are 10" long and look...
  4. Lighting: Thunder/Lightning Simulator Test

    Halloween Props
    Hi all... I had so much fun with my first garage haunt last year that I'm already working on a bigger one this year. I set up a blog at Jeremy's Halloween Journal to journal the fun, if you're interested. But that's not what I'm posting about. I have had a heck of a time finding a good...
  5. Electronic/Software: Legend of the Wood 2008 Home Haunt

    Halloween Props
    This our 5th season at Home Haunting and it has begun to really take shape. We all worked together to pull this off and had several unique build outs including the bottomless pit, crank ghost, and animated witch.
  6. Atmosphere Effects: Realistic thunder and lightning

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, Wanted to share how I made a "decently" realistic thunder and lightning prop. It's not very cheap, but worth it as it lasts forever. First and foremost, to make it realistic, unlike most of the strobe/sound gadgets you can buy for like $20 or more, you want the lightning to come...
  7. Lighting: Dungeon Idea and help.

    Halloween Props
    Last year around Halloween I had planned on using the scene setter rolls that "transform" your walls into a spooky environment like a graveyard or a castle. I bought a bunch of stuff for a party I plan on having at the end of the season last year. I have been brainstorming ideas to start my...