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  1. Lighting: Thunder and Lightning

    Halloween Props
    Last year I used one those lightning boxes and my stereo to make some pretty convincing thunder and lightning effects. I was kinda lazy with the lightning though and just hung the spot lights from the porch ceiling. I was wondering where people usually have the lightning coming from. Do you...
  2. Perfect Storm lightning machine

    Wanted to Buy
    looking to buy the perfect storm lightning machine prop
  3. Lighting: Haunted House Window Box with Lightning

    Halloween Props
    Hello, thought I would share a project I completed this last weekend. Ive got a lot of good information from this site and thought Id give back. IDK if this will be to a benefit to anyone but.... Our yearly maze is a complete build up and tear down every year. So my props have to be portable...
  4. Since I'm new around here....(warning long)

    General Halloween
    Since I'm new on this forum, figured I'd share my 2014 scare. Now I don't have much artistic ability maybe a little autistic but not artistic. I'm better with the electronics, electricity, & pneumatics mind you I'm no expert at these either. Some on here have true talent which I'm envy of. Below...
  5. 2 Channel Lightning Setup

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    2 Channel Lightning Setup (SOLD) I am looking to get rid of my lightning kit. I will only sell as a lot. You will need a CD player/amplifier with RCA outputs to make this work. When it is connected and used with the supplied CD, it will create a full 2 channel light/sound show. This was one of...
  6. For Sale: Firefly FF-201 Lightning Simulator

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    LightsAlive FireFly FF-201 lightning simulator. It contains two channels, one of which can be either lightning or dimming. Lightning mode synchronizes light with thunder. Dimming mode causes connected lights to dim during the closest and strongest "lightning strikes," thus simulating power about...
  7. Other: Its over

    Halloween Props
    Well Halloween is over and I am glad. For the last two days I have worked from sun up to past sundown getting everything ready. I just finished taking all of my stuff down and an now going to bed but putting up a post first. I had a great time tonight and my neighbors had a great time as well...
  8. Projected Rain Effect

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys! Been a while since I have been on the forums but after a year off from Halloween from a recent house move I'm slowly coming back into it. I was playing around with setting up my Firefly Lightning controller last night and it looks great on the house. But I was thinking what would...
  9. Lighting: Dmx Lightning

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone, My Name is joe, I own a production company in northern California that uses chauvet showexpress for all my lighting, I have been approached to create lightning scene on the front of a mansion for a Halloween theme party.i am not the best at the programing portion or building...
  10. Electronic/Software: thunder and lightning machine

    Halloween Props
    Can anyone suggest a thunder and lightning machine? Perhaps a Firefly or other?
  11. Lighting: Best type of photoflood bulb for lightning effect?(ECT, EBV, ECA, BCA, BBA)

    Halloween Props
    Could someone explain the differences between different designations of photoflood light bulbs and which would be best for a yard haunt lightning effect? I'm seeing what seems to be a standard of some kind with names like: ECT, EBV, ECA, BCA, BBA Also seeing 250 vs. 500 watt, and white or...
  12. Lighting: Perfect storm lightning cd lost

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone, I have a perfect storm lightning box. I have lost the cd to it. Does anyone know of a good cd replacement for it? and where I can get it? Thanks Joe
  13. Need help choosing LED lights for new controller

    General Halloween
    Hello everyone. I have been lurking on this forum for the past week and decided to join today. I need help in selecting LED lights for a thunder & lightning controller. I will soon purchase the FireFly FF-511. I already have two 500-watt powered speakers that will provide powerful and...
  14. Atmosphere Effects: Lightning

    Halloween Props
    Our family is new to animated lighting. We're using LOR and wondering if anyone has any ideas on where to get a great lightning sequence.
  15. Lighting: FireFly FF-501 Lightning Machine Owners

    Halloween Props
    I hope I'm putting this post in the right spot (and that it's not old news...). I just found out that I can upgrade my FF-501 lightning machine to the new version: "FireFly FF-501 owners can upgrade their lightning simulator to the new FireFly FF-511. Return your 501 to Lights Alive with...
  16. Lighting: Lightning Machine Light Placement Issue

    Halloween Props
    I've been trying to figure out where to place my PAR lights for my Firefly lightning machine. We recently moved from an older neighborhood in NC (which had beautiful, mature trees) to a brand new home in FL with three trees in the front yard that are slightly taller than I am (6" or so). If I...
  17. Other: Arlen Cemetery

    Halloween Props
    Here is my boarded up haunted house with graveyard! I put a lot of work into it. My son dressed up as Jason Voorhees and had a blast frightning all the trick or treaters. New this year was the lightning machine. You could see it half way down the block. I had big scream t.v in the downstairs...
  18. The Edge of Hell and Macabre Cinema in KC

    After Halloween I went to two of Kansas City's famous pro-haunts: Edge of Hell and their newer haunt - Macabre Cinema. Incredible! This blog contains spoilers so if you are planning to ever visit this place...don't read past the history part. History First, some interesting background...
  19. Lighting: DESPERATE HELP needed, Light Boards?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I dont know where else to turn, im in desperate need of a light board, [hopefully not to exceed 300$$], that can control different lights in my haunted house to different music, very improtant, right now im doing this all in just a 20X20 garage and having 3 different kinds of music...
  20. Atmosphere Effects: i-Zombie Lightning Controllers vs. FireFly Lightning Simulator

    Halloween Props
    I’m debating between i-Zombie Lightning Controllers (http://www.i-zombie.com/) or the FireFly Lightning Simulator (http://www.lights-alive.com/ctrl_firefly.html). FireFly has an extensive list of why their system is better http://www.lights-alive.com/pdf/FireFly_vs_iZombie.pdf however, this...