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  1. Halloween Props
    Hey there, Been trying to make my own 12v RGBW lighting and found this 12v LED light (designed to be used in car "halo" headlights): It looks like the small rectangular pieces on the PCB (labeled J1, J2, J3) are the resistors for the LEDs, however I can't be certain and don't want to make the...
  2. Halloween Props
    The other year we bought one of those window holiday screen projectors (for UK based folks, it was those ones they had in B&M at one point that everyone went mad for at christmas) 🎥 It has some great halloween animations on, but they look dull when projected onto the window. I think its a...
  3. Halloween Props
    So, if you are going to do a medium to large number of Jack'o'lanterns, what's your preference for the lighting? Solid yellow Solid white Solid orange Flickering orange/yellow Other
  4. Halloween Props
    I've invested in some decent lighting for this year's setup, but I have a few additional places I'd like to hit with some light and my remaining budget is limited. I have read on here that people have taken those aluminum clip lights/brood lamps and just put a shower cap on the front to...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hello Haunters! This is probably a project for next year, but I've been thinking of adding some very simple slow pulsing lighting to help bring our Halloween display to life. I've been looking into the Light O Rama and WowLights packages, but I don't think I'm quite ready for a big light show...
  6. General Halloween
    Is there a safe way to change the color of lighting? I have mostly recessed lights and am having trouble finding the right colored bulbs. Can I put something in front of the bulbs to make red light?
  7. Halloween Props
    Hey all. I came across these solar torch lights and was wondering if anyone has ever used them... They've got really good reviews, but they're a little expensive for a set of four. I'm debating weather they'd be worth it as subdued lighting on some of my more dimly lit stones in the back of...
  8. Halloween Props
    I'm trying ro start a home haunt and not sure where to begin when it comes to lighting. Any suggestions?
  9. Halloween Props
    Thought I'd share how I'm handling making my pumpkins light up. To sum up: I converted all the store-bought pumpkins to 12V, and everything's wired into the landscape lighting. That way I don't have to run any extension cords, worry about a timer or plugging/unplugging. And I can leave the...
  10. Halloween Props
    Does anybody have experience with halloweenfxprops.com and their Ghostlight Mini spotlights? Looking for new lighting to zone in on certain props. Need them to work okay in all sorts of weather as well. Any advice or different products you'd recommend would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Halloween Props
    Many many years ago around 2008 or 9 we moved into our house and at the time most people went to menards,Walmart or Walgreens for Halloween decor. Partially because menards and Walmart where huge stores in the north part of Lincoln. Anyways when we moved in we decided to buy some new decor along...
  12. Catacomb fire sconce

    My Fb video of the sconce working is here: Log into Facebook | Facebook
  13. Halloween Props
    Hello all. long time reader, rare poster. I've been doing a home haunt for the last 8 years. It's fairly small but seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year. This year, I'm realizing my lighting solution has gotten fairly messy. I'd like to clean it up a bit and find a solution that is...
  14. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    For this year's display, I needed spotlights that were portable, multi-color and dimmable. Here's what I made using remote-controlled lights purchased from Amazon and some 2-inch PVC pipe.
  15. For Sale By Merchants
    Hello! I have a ton of brand new old-stock Halloween items for sale. Everything you see is brand new in their original packaging and shipping boxes, and as you can see by the prices, I am looking to blowout everything for dirt cheap. I have multiple quantities of the items available, which can...
  16. Halloween Props
    Hello I am looking for some advice on creating some mini spotlights. I think I have settled on 23mm eagle eye led's but for power was wondering if anyone had ever used a power supply such as this: Link in second post I was thinking I could use this as well as pigtail connectors like this to...
  17. Halloween Props
    A few years ago everyone had fantastic led stake lights. Gemmy Fire and Ice Especially. Last year they were hard to find and it’s not looking much better this year. Any ideas why and where to find them these days?
  18. Halloween Props
    Hey all, I want to try something different this year for my porch and I am not sure what I need. I know this is the place to come though because you guys are awesome. I have a porch and I want to cobweb throughout and I want to really highlight the spooky affect with black lights. In my...
  19. General Halloween
    A few years ago when I attended Nightmare New England (pro haunt attraction), they lit up a section of trees with a very cool lighting effect. I'll briefly describe it but I doubt I'll be able to find the device that produced it. It would shoot random white points of light at the canopy and then...
  20. Halloween Props
    Hi Guys, I thought I would share with you all my grand plans for some cemetery entry gates that I plan on building for this years display, along with some other things. I have had the guys in the metal shop at work(It pays to have a good boss) who have made me up some metal frames for...
1-20 of 192 Results