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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Note: This is a repost of an old tutorial whose links to pictures were broken with the software update at HF. These are flickering fake pumpkins that are on a timer. To see them live, here's a video: They are brightly lit and have a very slight flicker to them. If you want them to flicker a...
  2. Halloween Props
    In the past the front row of my graveyard was a series of dollar store coolers turned upside down. For some I put the lid on the bottom for a bit more decoration. They hid the lights that illuminated the rows behind them. The trouble with these came at night because they were essentially dead...
  3. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Letters are lighted LED -each letter is ~16” x 24”x3” total length approx 12ft. Clown painting included $250 or make an offer
  4. General Halloween
    So far I have only hit two Spirits-went later in the morning but got a few "essentials." Posable Dummy Ghost Swing Rotating Mechanism Freddy Tote Bag Lighted Halloween Garland Pumpkin Stencils Freddy vs Jason Two bags of webs...one regular, one Glow in the Dark. Lets see pics of everyones Hauls :)
  5. Halloween Props
    I've created a tutorial on my addition to the popular head in a jar prop trick. The classic trick is probably best described by this tutorial: https://www.instructables.com/id/head-in-a-jar-prank/ Here is my spin on it: https://frugalhaunts.com/tutorial%231-gpunch Basically, I've used a...
  6. General Halloween
    I know some people hate em, but they're turning out to be a key part of my display, and I need a few more. I bet that Wally World will end up being the cheapest option in my neck of the woods. Typically you'll pay $10 for a 9 or 10 inch lighted pumpkin. I found these last night at Lowe's for...
  7. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi all! All items are in new condition and I am happy to post more photos if requested. First up is a set of orange and green lighted tabletop pumpkin decorations that are battery operated. They're a cutesy look so great for younger kids. Please see photos showing messy seam. They came like...
  8. General Halloween
    They have some cool stuff this year: http://www.plowhearth.com/halloween-decorations.htm Love the crashing ghost & berry garland: http://www.plowhearth.com/crashing-ghost-halloween-accent.htm http://www.plowhearth.com/lighted-autumn-berry-garland.htm The lighted tree looks like...
  9. Halloween Props
    Alright guys, I figured that you would be able to answer my question. So, the greeters were made in 2000. Some had lighted eyes, some didn't. They came in 4 different variations, monster, vampire, witch, and skeleton. The point is, I have the witch and skeleton, both with lighted eyes and up...
  10. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    12' Lighted Haunted Carriage Airblown Inflatable. Works fine. No holes/tears. All lights work and air pump works. 120$ +Shipping. SOLD SOLD SOLD! Ty
  11. Halloween Props
    Hello All I have made a few additions to the candy machine for this year. First I shortened the sound file of the main candy button to increase throughput of the kids, I added a new lighted element and a self destruct button. Here are some videos:
  12. Halloween Props
    I have a couple of new props this year. Here is the Pneumatic Spider that was added to the spider lair. We used one of the Costco lighted eyes spider. I love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrPtQn-OAUE&feature=youtu.be
  13. Halloween Props
    I really appreciate a couple of you reviewing the ghost and purple fire and ice lights. I would have ordered them so I appreciate the videos and honest reviews. Today I received the Gemmy lighted moving eyeballs and hopefully I can avoid anyone else wasting their time and money.
1-13 of 13 Results