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  1. Christmas vs. Halloween Reboot

    General Halloween
    This video shows the 2018 reboot of a Halloween light show first done in 2012. The lighting and music were orchestrated with Light-o-Rama controllers and software running 90-some circuits. There's a brief glimpse of the tombstone flippers and spinner featured in proof-of-concept videos posted...
  2. The haunted mansion halloween light show sequence

    Wanted to Buy
    hello, I was wondering if anyone had a haunted mansion Halloween light show sequence for sale. I would like the one that goes "When hinges creek in door less chambers and strange and frightening sounds echo thru the halls..."(so the whole opening audio of the haunted mansion) I just need a...
  3. Light shows for Animated Lighting Haunted House In A Box

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi, do you know of any customized Animated Lighting light shows available for the Haunted House In A Box 16 channel controller (also known as HHIAB)? We are looking for some different spooky programs if anyone has any ideas. Thanks! Haunted Summitview.
  4. Other: Gemmy light show Speaker

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, i noticed that the speaker on my Gemmy halloween light show is broken, the speaker its self isn't broken but the wire that connects is. Do you know where i could get a replacement speaker or if im able to hook it up to a different speaker? Thanks so much...i really love that thing :(
  5. New Haunt Build

    General Halloween
    Hello All, I am somewhat new to Halloween Forum. For the past three years I have put up a Halloween light show on my house drawing in lots of views on youtube and even being featured on Good Morning America. This year I want to do something different. I want to create a legit haunt. Ive done...
  6. 2012 Halloween Light Show in Fresno, Ca

    General Halloween
    Hello, We used the many lessons we learned from this site to build a Halloween light show. This was our first year doing this. I find the store bought items to be so commercialized and it seemed everyone's display looked a like. Most of the stores in town sold the same stuff for Halloween...
  7. 2012 halloween light show!!

    General Halloween
    Hello fellow ghosts! Here is my 2012 Halloween light show preview video! Hope you all enjoy! And let me know what you all think! Thanks! Happy Halloween! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaDKT9NbzYQ Watch, like, SHARE! Ill upload a new video if I can hit 100,000 views by halloween! :) I...
  8. Static: Gone Feral's 2001 Haunt

    Halloween Props
    Here's a link to my new light show for 2011. I will have periods with atmospheric sounds and random lights fading in and out. Of course since I went to all the trouble of mking each bit by hand (including the controller and lights) I had to do some Halloween standards. Here is a test set up in...
  9. Andersonville Cemetery Halloween Light Show

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Here is the back story, a few years back, in an after-Christmas sale, I stumbled across a box entitled "Mr. Christmas - Lights and Sounds of Christmas", (hereafter LSC) retailing something like $70, I got it for $20. It's a basic package of pre-programmed Christas music and 6 outlets. You plug...
  10. Light show score

    General Halloween
    Just got this new light in a box from Gemmy from Sam's club this week. Finally got to take it out of the box last night. All I can say is OMG! you can hook up your MP3 player, CD player or your computer. Played with it last night my mind was going 90 mph with ideals to light up my haunt this...