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  1. Halloween Props
    Looking for a 3, 4 or 5 channel sequence for Michael Jackson's Thriller. This will run the jets in my water show. Simple on/off commands would be great. Everything I have found are 16 channels plus. Does anyone know of a location to acquire this? Thanks, Brian
  2. General Halloween
    I am Getting Geared up for Halloween. I will be having a haunted house again this year. I love hearing the Children and Their parents say it is the best they have ever seen. Well I have a few new trick up my sleeve this year. I will be running a Light O Rama Light Sequencer this year and I also...
  3. Halloween Props
    Our family is new to animated lighting. We're using LOR and wondering if anyone has any ideas on where to get a great lightning sequence.
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I've been thinking of some ideas on how to create what I've been dreaming of doing and want to hear what you think of it. I want to create a talking pumpkin face and hook it up to my Light-O-Rama controller. But with me being 14 and being on a budget it hasn't been easy. So I...
  5. Halloween Props
    Okay, I am having a problem now with my Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor. When I first recieved my 16 channel controller from somebody selling it on Ebay, I installed the version 1 of the sequence editor and other LOR programs to my computer. Now at some point I managed to get the updated version...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hey Guys, I'm thinking of creating a talking pumpkin face for my Light-O-Rama Halloween Display but I am a bit curious of the programming done in the LOR Sequence Editor. The pumpkin face I am referring to looks like the 4 in this video: YouTube - Halloween Light Show 2009 Raw Edit - Boom Boom...
  7. Halloween Music
    I have made an extremely scary mix of music and eerie kids, and scary stuff...This is not the "usual" Halloween songs and it is an original mix (using music and sounds from the internet)... It is eeeeerie....mostly scary children....calling for mommy...saying I'm scared....screaming.....the...
1-7 of 7 Results