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  1. Halloween Props
    So I was looking at my light post I got a few years back and decided to make the light inside look like a candle since I have a flickering candle light bulb already in. So this was my first attempt at doing this...
  2. General Halloween
    Where is a good place to pick up a few decent low cost strobe lights?? Would be nice to be LED and must be able to control/adjust flicker speed. Not looking for battery operated.
  3. Halloween Props
    I am working on lighting this year to maximize the effect of my haunt. I wanted to turn my house a rich blue (uplighting) as I have seen in other posts. . Does any one know what type of led lights would work best? I am assuming that LED floodlights pointed at my house would work for the effect...
  4. Halloween Props
    This is not a tutorial -- I have a new flexible foam prop that I developed. I want the eyes to light up on activation and also to add a dimming effect. I would like to know if anyone has any experience doing something like this? My plan is to embed a 1" diameter, spherical casing with an LED...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hello everybody, I have been scratching my skull trying to figure out if I need more lighting or just better re-positioning to get the most out of my outdoor light effects. I've never actually used all my lighting at once because I'd hate to have a breaker trigger during my haunt again.. That is...
1-6 of 6 Results