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  1. Static: MONSTER WASP PART 6: WIngs and Taking Flight

    Halloween Props
    MONSTER WASP - PART 6: WINGS AND TAKING FLIGHT! Continued from here: http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/151914-monster-wasp.html WINGS 9 gage wire Painted 4 mil plastic sheet Zip ties Cling wrap Marker Will refine them if they actually work. Wing Mounts Had to curl the wire to...
  2. Mechanical: 3 or 4 rpm motor to lift about fifteen lbs???????

    Halloween Props
    I need some ideas for a good (affordable) motor to do some lifting for a prop I'm thinking about building. It's a skele-coffin-breaker I have dreamed up over the past few weeks. It will be in constant motion and the skele will be basically pushing himself out of a ground breaking coffin top...