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  1. Spirit Halloween 2019

    General Halloween
    Since a thread has not been made for this yet I thought I would make one. Spirit released their first 2019 sneak peek today, and it is the "Terror Dog", also known as Zuul from Ghostbusters. It is a high price point at $499.99, but he is a licensed prop made of foam-filled latex and almost 5...
  2. Static: Life-size TALES FROM THE CRPYT (cryptkeeper) bust

    Halloween Props
  3. Wanted: 2006, 2008, and 2009 Spirit Halloween Props

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi everyone, I am searching for some specific animated props sold at Spirit Halloween a while ago. The props I am looking for are as follows: Leatherface Animatronic (Gemmy Industries 2006) Zombie Cowboy (Tailuxe Artware 2008) Haunted Scarecrow (Sunstar Industries 2008) Undead Lab Technician...
  4. Wanted: Spirit Halloween Zombie Cowboy Static Prop

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi everyone, I am searching for the 6-foot Zombie Cowboy prop sold at Spirit Halloween in 2007. He is a life-size static prop with red light-up eyes, and he is a latex skeletal zombie dressed like a cowboy (See picture below). If you are selling this prop and it still has the original box (Or...
  5. Other: Nightmare Before Christmas

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking for life-size reindeers from Nightmare Before Christmas. Or way to build them. Also any ideas from anyone on to build the city fountain Thank you
  6. Static: Where to buy "mean" looking skulls?

    Halloween Props
    I'm a fan of the bag of skulls available for 10 dollars at Home Depot, personally. And some of the styrofoam half skulls (no jaw) at Michael's. But what if I'm looking for something a bit more sinister looking? You know, exaggerated browbones and more of a scowl expression? Does anyone know...
  7. Static: Life-size character prop stands

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know where I can buy prop stands? I’m having a hard time finding any online. I am referring to the tree stand type of prop indicated in the picture below. I bought a prop and it was missing the center piece that connects all of the feet together. I suppose if there are other types of...
  8. Does anyone else4 still use bluckys?

    General Halloween
    For the uninformed, bluckys are the little jointed blow-mold skeletons that were all the rage... what, twenty years ago? Before reasonably priced life-size skeletons became available. I have a cadre of 7 bluckys that have been with me for at least 2 decades, and every year they give their all...
  9. Favorite 2016 props?

    General Halloween
    I was wondering what the general opinion of 2016's output has been, and what the best props are. I'd probably nominate Tekky's Terror Vision/Terror TV. I love the haunted-object props, and it looks nice. The staticky lighting effects are good, and the face-out effect feels appropriate on a...
  10. Brand New Life Size Animated Props

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hello: I have quite a few life-size props up for sale. All props are brand new and in original packaging. Happy to ship items from my cottage in the States (New York). Prices do not include shipping. Please feel free to message me any questions, thanks for looking :-) Ghostly Gentleman...
  11. Mechanical: Roof top witch help

    Halloween Props
    I saw a great pin on Pinterest of a rooftop that had three life-size which is on it. Any ideas on how to create this?
  12. Life-Size PVC Prop Build Example "Emperor of Evil" try to fool ToT's

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Here’s my short explanatory video I did for the structure of a basic life-size static PVC prop I started using back in 2008 named after the costume. My aim was to make it a simple pose to make it look like a person in a costume. Note a cape fills out the silhouette. It does fool ToT’s. A young...
  13. Witch Prop for Sale on eBay

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am selling off some of my collection. Here is a link to the eBay page if you are interested in this Witch Prop made by Jon Fuller of Monster Asylum: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220647444809&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT This is a very high quality and detailed prop. The...
  14. Prop Showcase: Where's My Cake ~ Lifesize Father Nate Zombie!

    Halloween Props
    This year I planned on dressing up as the "Father" zombie from the movie Creepshow. When I ordered my mask and hands, they did not fit. So I placed them on one of my zombies I made last year: It was sad the costume did not work out, but I have had that problem before with masks not fitting...
  15. Gemmy Life-size characters

    Wanted to Buy
    I would like to add some more of these guys to my collection :) If anyone has any for sale, please let me know. Here is a picture of the ones that I already have.