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  1. General Halloween
    Since a thread has not been made for this yet I thought I would make one. Spirit released their first 2019 sneak peek today, and it is the "Terror Dog", also known as Zuul from Ghostbusters. It is a high price point at $499.99, but he is a licensed prop made of foam-filled latex and almost 5...
  2. Halloween Props
    Spirit Halloween has a new bestseller this year thanks to our friends at Gemmy. He's completely sold out online so if you want him I would check your store. This is great news for Spirit, Gemmy, and us though which means Jack could pave the way for future licensed Animatronics at Spirit. I have...
  3. For Sale By Merchants
    New items that have hit the docks! Officially Licensed The Iron Giant
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, Has anyone gotten any more information on whether Spirit will be getting a big Sam from Trick r' Treat or 3ft. Jigsaw on a Tricycle this year? If so, do you have any pictures? Being that Morbid and Gemmy usually keep Spirit's exclusive props a secret until Spirit shows them, I have...
1-4 of 5 Results