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  1. Other "Crystal Ball" Craft

    Halloween Crafts
    Sorry, for the picture quality. I tried to get decent ones but it was a challenge. Did this craft in the public library last October. Pre-painted wood candlesticks with black gel stain then provided patrons with clear glass ornaments and Halloween images printed onto transparency paper...
  2. A Midnight Dreary : 2019 Gothic Lit / Funeral Home Party Theme Progress

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I decided to post a thread of my progress pictures this year! I had so much fun last year with my 2018 "Voodoo Island Hulaween" theme, but I did not post pictures as I went along here on HF. I did post some pictures and lots of video on Facebook and here is the link to that public album...
  3. Jon Hyers Virtualfxvideo Discounts, USB FX, Video Projectors, DVDs

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Jon Hyers Virtualfxvideo Discounts, USB FX, Video Projectors, DVDs These Discounts are at the top of my SHOP page on website, www.virtualfxvideo.com 1. Three Halloween USB Drives with FX, for USB Projectors or Media Players. $49.95 for three, normal price is $120.00 Includes new DeadWalkers...
  4. Public Library Display

    General Halloween
    This is the display I put together for October entitled "Bone Chilling Reads". So far patrons have kept their hands off Mr. Bones :D
  5. Posting images ideas (PHOTOBUCKET policy changes)

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Just a word of warning: Photobucket has just changed their terms of usage in the past few weeks with hardly any notice. The big takeaway of this is they no longer support 3rd party hosting, which is pretty much what every single person using Photobucket used them for - copying the Photobucket...
  6. Spectral Illusions Announces 3 New Effects!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Haunted House Ride $30 Take a Ride through a theme park haunted house featuring all of Spectral Illusions' scariest ghosts. This seamless looping video is designed for use in a television or for front or rear projection or perhaps a motion simulator. Haunted Library $25 The ghosts are still...
  7. Haunted Library Trunk or Treat

    General Halloween
    I work for the Boys & Girls Club and we're going to participate in a local Trunk or Treat event. Our Theme is a haunted library... We are dressing as characters from children's books... We have the mouse from If You Give A Mouse a Cookie, Katniss from Hunger Games, Miss Frizzle, Pippi...
  8. Ideas for my New Haunt Place and the Beginnings of a Magical Library

    General Halloween
    So like Saki.Girl and wilbret, I just got a new forever house of my own to decorate. This is the first time I've had more than just a small apartment to call my own, so I'm kind of at a loss with what to do with all of my newfound haunt space! Here's what the house looks like. It's got a...
  9. Don't Look Behind You: Ghost Stoires for Grown-Ups

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Getting into the thick of planning for my annual library Ghost Stories for Grown-Ups event. The theme is in the style of '80s slasher movies, so I'll be decorating with blood-spattered Scene Setters, bloody tablecloths, etc. Last year my theme, Superstition, focused on folklore, and was a little...
  10. Static: Inspirational Prop Websites

    Halloween Props
    I would like to propose a "library" where professional/theatrical prop websites could be listed. Obviously this wouldn't contain "build instructions" like many of the instructional posts in the forum, but rather have it serve as a quality collection for fellow HF members to find inspiration and...
  11. Prop Showcase: Library of books

    Halloween Props
    One of the projects I am working on is an haunted bookcase. Only one shelf will have books moving so I needed something to fill the other two shelves and this is what I came up with This is how they look ... front and back A full how to on making these can be found on my website, under...