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  1. Hi all

    Member Introduction
    Hi all, I am a new member to this forum and happy to be here. I have been building up a Halloween garden haunt for the last few years and am looking forward to taking it to the next level! Hopefully there will be loads to learn here and loads of inspiration to share.
  2. Star Trek Movie Uniform

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am a fat guy, and it's hard to come up with good Halloween costumes for someone my shape. This year my brother suggested a Star Trek movie uniform, as some of the cast members had put on some weight. I knew the Monster Maroon Uniform was beyond my skill level, but then Scotty's Costume from...
  3. ideas for pathway lights that are higher off the ground than ground level

    General Halloween
    trying to keep the little ones inside the path. Looking for ideas for pathway markers that are higher off the ground.
  4. Static: Garage mausoleum with AtmosFX in 42" TVs

    Halloween Props
    Hi all! I've been meaning to get back on here, but I've been so busy building stuff. Anyway, now that I'm finished with my latest idea, I thought I'd post some pics and videos. Since I already have two 42' TVs with media players that I use in my outdoor Christmas decorations, I knew I needed to...
  5. Atmosphere Effects: Another Singing Bust Projection HD

    Halloween Props
    I found this one video on youtube with some super sharp singing bust projections. The best ive seen. If any one could help me space them were they are all level with each other that would be greatly appreciated! https://youtu.be/juzO-aO49PU
  6. I wish I could do animatronics of this caliber

    General Halloween
    Oh if I only had the smarts to build things on this level. If he can do animals like that imagine some Halloween stuff. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8xS-wB6NvYo
  7. Hello from Australia

    Member Introduction
    Hi there haunters, I'm new to the site. I love designing, photography, and anything Halloween / scary stuff. I make all my own props, gowns and headdresses, and just about anything else you can think of. I've seen lots of builds from this forum and was very impressed with all that i've seen, and...
  8. Atmosphere Effects: Atmosfear FX projector sound

    Halloween Props
    Greetings friends- I have upgraded my projectors this year, but I would still like to use the AtmosfearFX projector for the 'singing pumpkins' display. The issue is the sound. I have the volume at full level (100) on the projector, but it is hard to hear outdoors. Is there any way to increase...
  9. Prop Showcase: Got Scared?

    Halloween Props
    What is genuinely the scariest prop or effect you have ever seen or used? Pics/videos appreciated...looking for stuff that actually frightens adults and takes things to the next level.
  10. New member from San Antonio, TX

    Member Introduction
    Hey there, New to the Halloween scene and the site. I just bought a house on a main street, with a huge front yard/driveway...perfect for walkthroughs. I've been stalking the forum here for about a week now, and finally decided to join, I like the atmosphere and level of activity on this...
  11. Looking for volunteers to maybe help me with a soundtrack

    Halloween Music
    So I just came up with a cool idea for a prop but it will require a lot of prep work on my part. My home haunt is based on the idea that we are the ground level entrance for a large underground zombie research center. I thought it would be really cool to have a walkie talkie sitting next to me...
  12. Observations at a pro haunt

    General Halloween
    Before I begin going over an observation that I noticed at a pro haunt over the weekend I would like say to that that I am in way no bashing pro haunts. I just noticed something and I am wondering how it will impact attendance for the current season and in future years. Actually I am a big fan...
  13. Newby to site, jacking up props to new level this year

    Member Introduction
    Hey everyone, last couple years have been taking decor/prop to higher level. Been reading your stuff and appreciate your posts. Now have a question I can not find answer to. Want to add PIR sensor to battery operated props(Jumping spider, standing up skeleton, Grim Reaper, etc.) but am not...
  14. Ready to step it up

    Member Introduction
    I have been decorating for Halloween for a few years now, but it has always been something myself and a few friends have thrown together between our busy work schedules for the local ToT's. I am ready to start taking my love of Halloween to the next level and building a haunt that I can call my...
  15. Hello ,

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, I'm a halloween fanatic who loves to build props and talk halloween all year round. I'm excited to have found this site and can't wait to get and share ideas that can bring halloween to a whole new level!!