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  1. Fun House sign

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Letters are lighted LED -each letter is ~16” x 24”x3” total length approx 12ft. Clown painting included $250 or make an offer
  2. Static: Marquee Tombstone

    Halloween Props
    Marquee Tombstone
  3. Static: Using Stencils for signs or tombstones Help Needed!

    Halloween Props
    How do you go about using a stencil (that has all the letters on one stencil) and being able to do several letters one right after the other? With the wet letter just done I am having a hard time doing the next one, and so on. Also having trouble with the paint oozing under the stencil and so...
  4. Simple Metal Effect Signs

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I wanted a simple little cemetery sign this year for my entrance gate, so I put this sign together within a few hours. It was super easy to create, and a lot less messy than carving foam out! I also didn't want the sign to be as thick as foam usually is, so I went with this method. I wanted the...
  5. Tombstone Cooler

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I wanted a cooler for my parties which would be relatively easy to make (so, the coffin type was out), cheap (so, it would need to make use of a regular cooler). This picture got me thinking: Though I wanted something sturdy enough to hold up to multiple parties. So, the cheap Styrofoam...
  6. Current Project: Freak Show Marquee Sign

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi guys! So I decided, since my Halloween Party this year is going to be Haunted Freak Show, I would make a few props and then share them with ya'll! First project: Freak Show Marquee Sign! And I decided to share my progress! SUPPLIES: Foam Board (1 sheet black, 1 sheet white) 1 Exacto...
  7. Talia's Tomb.

    General Halloween
    So, it's Talia's turn for "mini society". The kids make a liitle thing to sell for monopoly money, and then buy prizes with their earnings at an auction. Since Kyle had this project, we've been making Skulls. Both the boys cleaned up with a small skull and a "premium" one. Kyle made...
  8. Letters A-Z

    Okay, this game is simple! All you need to do is post letters in alphabetical order from the person above you! I'll go first A-A
  9. Other: Need paint help for cemetery letters

    Halloween Props
    Good morning everyone. Need some color advice. Attached are two pictures. One is a garden arch that I am going to use as my cemetery entrance and the second picture are letters made of wood that I'm going to hang on the arch to spell out cemetery. I'm having a hard time figuring out what paint...
  10. Static: Question about FAKE BLOOD and MOD PODGE

    Halloween Props
    Okay, I'm new here, but any help would be so greatly appreciated :-) I'm making an 8X10-inch paper that will have simply a few words written in (fake) blood. I'm going to mail it to a friend, and it'll then be put into a picture frame and hung up by the friend I give it to. I'm not a...
  11. Electronic/Software: flickering sign question

    Halloween Props
    I am making a scary clown face entrance to my house. Above the face I am making a retro-like freak show sign with the letters FUN. The letters have 40w spherical bulbs (5,5 and 7 for FUN). I made a flicker extension cord with a fluorescent starter and it works great for a lamp but not for the...
  12. Static: Is this too crude for an outdoor prop?

    Halloween Props
    This year I am making a giant clown face 8'X12' . The open mouth will be the entrance to my front door. My decorations are mostly for my adult party. I was thinking of having the letters FUN above the clown with the N flickering - leaving FU. The prop will not be illuminated on Halloween...
  13. Great find....Now what.

    General Halloween
    I was doing some "open air freelance recycling" (dumpster diving) And I came across some 9" wooden letters like the ones pictured below. Not sure what they spelled out before I came across them but I would like to use them in my "Carn-Evil" theme this year. With the props and other things I am...
  14. Static: Garage Haunt Sign Advice

    Halloween Props
    Long time lurker, first time caller... luv the site! I've made this sign for my garage haunt and liked the idea of lighting the cut out letters at the bottom. I was going to hang it above the garage door but not sure how to put a light behind it that wouldn't just light up part of the letters...
  15. Pirate Tavern Sign

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is my first post here and I really wanted to “give back” after using a lot of the tutorials and general ideas from this site. This year I plan to have a pirate themed Halloween complete with a tavern façade. So I needed an old rustic sign to lure in all those rum guzzling bilge rats. After...
  16. 6" unfinished 3D cardboard Letters - WONDERLAND

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have an extra set of 6" paper/cardboard letters spelling out WONDERLAND that I didn't end up using last year. $20 via paypal, includes shipping (US only please). I used several sets of letters spelling out various phrases for my Wicked Wonderland party last year (I think it's very fitting to...