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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    How to easily letter tombstones!
  2. General Halloween
    Hi Everyone, Our subdivision has a contest for the best Halloween house display. Our house did win last year and I wanted to make a sign that could travel from house to house each year for the winner. I am thinking of making something out of wood so it'll last and that is either an easel style...
  3. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Partsman's Note: I'm proud to post up Keeba's Tombstone Tutorial, Keeba was the first of my inspirations for making my own tombstones. I've had many great teachers since then, many on this very forum, but Keeba was the first. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have. Unfortunately I cannot...
  4. Halloween Props
    I am going to purchase a plunge router attachment to my Dremel tool. What router bits are you having success with for lettering or doing raised lettering ?
  5. Halloween Props
    Hi all, I've tried my hand at making a pirate crate using a cardboard box and EVA foam, and have been happy with the results, thanks to the tutorials I've come across here! My dilemma is that I'm not certain how to accomplish the "lettering" or stenciling of said crate (and its forthcoming...
  6. Halloween Props
    It's been a very long time since I've been around these parts, but a combination of married life and returning to school for an engineering degree ate up all of my time. I know they're a dime a dozen, but I wanted to show off my first tombstone. It has been a huge learning experience because...
  7. Halloween Props
    ok so lets say I'm doing raised lettering instead of carving it out. Do you prefer to carve out the entire area around the lettering, or glue carved letters and designs over top the foam to make it raised instead?
  8. Halloween Props
    Ichabod Crane, Katrina Van Tassel, Hessian Soldier. Sorry for the poor image quality. I think I need to go back over the lettering in black to make it stand out.
  9. Halloween Props
    Getting ready to try my hand at some tombstone construction and was looking for some advice. I've watched some tutorials on Youtube and see that there's a few different methods folks use. Wanted to get your take on some of these... Lettering... I see iron on method and the trace method...
  10. Halloween Props
    I've built a few tombstone and they come out pretty good but not as "clean" as the ones I see other people do. By clean I mean my letters can have some pretty rough edges, never a very "crisp" lettering. I use a dermal tool with bit and have tried a number of different bits like regular drill...
  11. Halloween Props
    Whenever I get stressed out and need to calm my nerves, I resort to assembling tiny little miniatures in jars. One might expect these builds to induce stress, but they have the opposite effect for me. They completely consume all my attention leaving not much thought for any other worldly...
  12. Halloween Props
    Finally, after 10 years, we figured we'd actually permanently put the name of our haunt on the front facade. But up until now we didn't have a god way of getting some lettering in place. Fortunately, we got pour cheap little projector, which turned out to actually be pretty good. So, we...
1-12 of 12 Results