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  1. Halloween Props
    I'm planning a Leota crystal ball effect this year. I created this Leota effect which I'll project onto a blank head inside a crystal orb. This projection starts out black as the Ghost host beckons Leota to help materialise the spirits, She appears, does her thing, and vanishes as the Ghost...
  2. General Halloween
    Our attempt of trying to make our yard into a little Haunted Mansion display. Would love to see what other Haunted Mansion fans do...
  3. General Halloween
    Hi Here is my Halloween haunt, inspired by the Haunted Mansion at Disney, I do the same pretty much every year (just no time to add to it due to work). The theme is about a rich spinster who mistakenly poisons herself after being robbed by 3 suitors who also have succumbed to her poison...
  4. General Halloween
    need the video. if anyone has it and would send it to me I would be greatly appreciative!
  5. Halloween Props
    Hi there, I’m new to Halloweenforum.com I only resently started to do Halloween props. My first attempt was with the madame leota scene (you can take a look in my gallery) and I am currently working on a scary haunted tree. It is still a work in progress but the wanted to share it. I am a big...
  6. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi. I want to build a self-contained Madame Leota using rear-projection. I will make the head using a vacuum forming with semi-transparent plastic. But I dont' know a good projector for this. It does not need to be high res, or super bright, but it needs to be pretty quiet and small. And I...
  7. Halloween Props
    I'm finally using my Madame Leota seance video as my new dinner guest for an upcoming party. I sourced a $3 foam female head from Michaels + a black chamise from goodwill for $2. Some black plastic to create a hood, some strings lights, and an old skeleton to shape the body. Overall, I'm quite...
  8. Halloween Props
    I bought an animated bust a year ago (you might have seen it at Spirit) planning to use it on a grave like the others. Initially I pictured using it placed on top of a column grave but as I've done a few of those like that already I thought I'd get adventurous and try a Leota like grave. There...
  9. Halloween Props
    Im familiar with the method of front projecting this effect and I've see the patent images for the Madam Leota head projection that uses a lens to warp the image to fit the face correctly. Can someone provide some details on how to do this and what i would need.
  10. Wanted to Buy
    A sculpt of the Leota plaque on the tombstone at the HM?
  11. Halloween Props
    Here is my version of the Leota HM Stone. This is not nearly as polished as what others have done. I opted for a simple light up eye vs. a sophisticated mechanical eyelid. The end result is not as impressive in the daylight but at night it works quite well. This version will be out in the...
  12. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! Here is the projection loop to be used for the seance room for this years haunt. Enjoy!
  13. Halloween Props
    There was a post a while back that someone had modeled the Madame Leota face from the tombstone and was selling casts of this. I REALLY need to get one and my "search-fu" is not strong today. Does anyone know the link or can PM me details? Thanks: Rich.
  14. Halloween Props
    Hi! I need to get a clip to down load and make a dvd of madame leota for my halloween party before oct 17th. Can any one help assist in this area?
  15. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Where do you find the video of madam Leota to make into a dvd for the crystal ball ?
  16. General Halloween
    Can anyone please tell me where I can get the video of Madame Leota to project into a crystal ball? Tried to download one from you tube but ended up getting a bunch of garbage on my computer when I tried to get a converter.
  17. Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I cant believe I forgot to post my small yard haunt. I couldnt have done it without the knowledge base of this forum! Thanks for looking
  18. Halloween Music
    Hey ya, Wondering if any of you guys/gals have dug up any seance kinda soundeffects...im looking for something like madame Leota in the haunted mansion...just not so ....family oriented. thanks
  19. Halloween Props
    I grew up near Disneyland, CA and my best memory is always Little Leota when exiting the Haunted Mansion ("Hurry back...."). I know the seance scene of Madame Leota is always a hit, but I would love to recreate Little Leota. There is a absolutely wonderful recreation by graphixeduc8or, but I...
1-19 of 20 Results