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  1. Help with Halloween prescription contact lenses!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi everyone! Ok, so I recently went to my eye doctor for my exam, and got a prescription for my contact lenses....I've been a contact lense wearer for years! I went online to lens.com to order a pair of prescription lenses, faxed a copy of my prescription, to verify with my doctor. He will...
  2. Lens for large rotating colored disco ball

    Wanted to Buy
    I recently bought one of these at a yard sale and a few of the lenses are missing. Does anyone have an old one laying around that doesn't work and would be willing to part with a few or all of the lenses? Looks like the lenses for the smaller ones will work also. Have been searching online...
  3. Zombie Contact Lens

    I am putting this under the make up section because I am looking for Zombie Contact Lenses for costume this year and I plan on doing my own makeup. The question I am asking is for suggestions for lenses that give an awesome zombie look but not breaking the bank, unless I should because it is...
  4. costume contact lenses in time for halloween (shipped from US)?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    looking for an actual answer to a hypothetical question. with 7 business days left does anyone know of a source for costume lenses that can be in hand for halloween shipped to ohio. assuming, of course, someone in ohio were planning to buy them, hypothetically... which, of course, nobody...
  5. Best place to purchase prescription FX contact lenses?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Ordering some this year for my costume, but need prescription lenses....anyone had good luck somewhere that I could check out? I appreciate it!