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  1. General Halloween
    Please post your Lemax Spooky Town, Department 56, or other collectible village displays. Or setups you have seen! Big, elaborate, multi-level electrical nightmares and simple, single lighted buildings and accessories welcomed alike. Feel free to share older setups. (Yes, there is a Lemax...
  2. Member Introduction
    Happy to be part of the forum. Does anyone have good advice on when/where to buy department 56 to get the best price. Just wondering if there is a good sale cadence, if I am patient. I know Micheal's is great for Lemax, just looking for good timing and locations for 56. Thank you for your help.
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi, Not sure if this is correct forum, but wanted to see if anybody had experience with repairing Lemax Haunted Clock Tower 35531. The cogs, clock and skeleton animation are not working but other lights are. Thanks.
  4. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for the Rave at Graves Lemax Spooky Town Halloween building in GC for a young teen collector. If you are willing to sell yours please pm me.
  5. For Sale By Merchants
    For those who don't know me I make my own miniature Halloween village buildings. They are all in scale to Lemax and Dept 56. My brand is Crypt 31 and the collection is CreepyVille. I sell on Etsy in the summer for the Halloween shopping season. Here is a look at my work.... Law Office of...
  6. General Halloween
    Hello! I took the plunge and started collecting Spooky Town pieces. I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I found someone selling off their collection on Craigslist. But now I seem to have a problem. The Dead Man's Mine piece doesn't make any sound and the red lights don't work. Has any one...
  7. General Halloween
    Guess it's time to start a new thread for this years Halloween village discussions. What's everyones plans for their set ups? What are you hoping to see from Lemax, Dept. 56, or Tombstone Corners? I'm hoping to see some alien themed pieces from Lemax, especially after not getting those alien...
  8. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Everything $old!
  9. Member Introduction
    I've admired your halloween villages for awhile and decided to join the forum today. I also made my first purchase today for my Lemax Spooky Town display (I love the detail and quality of Dept 56 but too pricey for me!). But the Lemax stuff is more fun with the lights, sounds and animation...
  10. General Halloween
    Hi all, This is my first post and first year doing a SpookyTown display. It is in my unfinished basement so excuse the surrounding area. It is a small wine cellar in the back of the basement:p I have knowledge working with foam and carving mountains, hills, etc. What I am looking for are...
  11. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    SOLD! I am selling my entire Lemax Spookytown collection. I have every item from 2000-2006, many of which are retired & no longer available. All houses are in their original boxes except one which is damaged. All together, they are worth close to $2500 (houses, figurines, accessories/extras)...
  12. General Halloween
    I really want to know how to make those amazing lemax spookytown landscapes, such as water, waterfalls and tunnels for the trains. Any help would be appreciated! Please and thank you in advance! :o
  14. Halloween Props
    Hi , can anyone in the UK give me advice on using US lemax buildings and what power transformers etc I need.
  15. General Halloween
    Hi, anyone else here collect Lemax Spooky Town? Just curious if there are other high quality Halloween collectibles like this? I am not a fan of Department 56… any other suggestions for cool, nice quality Halloween collectibles?
  16. Halloween Props
    It still needs the wings, sickle, and some painting, but I thought I would share my first monster mud prop.
  17. Halloween Props
    Has anyone else picked up the Gothic Haunted Mansion 15199? We took one home and plugged it in. Looks great, but when we turned the volume all the way down, just to have the lights with no sound, there was an annoying high pitched squeal. It was there with the sound up, just harder to hear. We...
  18. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Huge amount of Spooky Town for Sale *UPDATED w/list* Hello everyone, My name is Clay and I have a huge amount of Lemax Spooky Town items for sale. A lot of it is either brand new or in like new condition. The last year I made a purchase of every Spooky Town item in the collection was 2008...
  19. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Sadly it seems I have to thin out my collection of Spooky Town this year. I have a number of pieces up for auction on Ebay - all at very reasonable prices. Lemax - "The Pumpkin Patch" Poly Resin Table Piece - eBay (item 190259140220 end time Oct-20-08 06:35:13 PDT) Lemax - Spooky Town 3-PC...
1-19 of 19 Results