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  1. Legendary Haunt Tour 2017 located announced!

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    Legendary Haunt Tour 2017 going to the Philly area: http://coaster-nation.com/transworld-reveals-location-for-2017-legendary-haunt-tour/
  2. Hello!

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    HI All I have been "haunting" this forum for some time and can't believe the awesome ideas and what a creative community this is! Looking forward to sharing some of my own favorites. Love trying to make home made decor - our halloween parties are legendary. This year we are doing the...
  3. Legendary Haunt Tour 2015

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    It's official, the 2015 Legendary Haunt tour will be coming to 13th Floor Chicago, Wisconsin FearGrounds and Statesville Haunted Prison. More details to come soon... www.legendaryhaunttour.com