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  1. Halloween Props
    10ft Leer ghost (update on page 2) Hey guys, I just thought I'd share my progress with my huge leer ghost project. Got loads done on this and other stuff this weekend. :D Be sure to have a look at my other videos too. :)
  2. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Finished Leer V3 Ghost. SOLD I made this Leer V3 Ghost this past Halloween. (Another big thanks to Here'sJohnny for his inspiration and original design). Unfortunately another down sizing forces me to find it a new haunt. It's powered by a 12V vent motor wired to a wall wart. Will stand on...
  3. Halloween Props
    Just finished a new ghost, the Cloaked Leer Ghost. Hope you like!
  4. Halloween Props
    With special thanks to Heresjohnny for both the original inspiration as well as a little extra help in the technical department, here is my version of his Leer V3 ghost. I made a few modifications, most noteably standing it upright and reversing the arm linkages. After making it, I'm even more...
  5. Halloween Props
    This is my leer ghost i built out of a half skeleton and vent motor the original. Design if from http://johnnysghost.blogspot.com
  6. Halloween Props
    This is my leer skeleton I made with a rotisserie motor.
1-6 of 6 Results