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  1. Taking a Trip Back in Time

    General Halloween
    We love the Halloween Forum. There are so many great ideas and suggestions. People answer our questions, and we get a chance to pass along what we've learned to fellow haunters far, far away. One thing we find fun to do when we’re taking a break is to visit a favorite main forum and click on the...
  2. SMT LED removed and replaced with... ?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I have a vape lighter I'm repurposing, and it has two surface mount LEDs that indicate two of its operating conditions. One LED indicates ready to light, the second lights when the coil is being powered. I don't need either LEDs and want to simply remove them, but not knowing the circuitry, I'm...
  3. Who uses a variety of lighting on yard/props?

    General Halloween
    As I comb through around here on various threads I see many colors on various yards and props. Made me wonder and think to myself. I typically use just blue, and maybe 2 red led's for my stuff. However, I see some of your tombstones with purples, greens and various cyans. Part of me says...
  4. Prop Showcase: Modifying 18" fiberglass skulls from Home Depot

    Halloween Props
    Picked up these last year from HD and was inspired as our house has a cemetery theme. I wanted to mount them on the columns on either side of our front door so I cut the back of the skulls off using a jig saw and then epoxied a piece of wood towards the top to act as a mount. Originally they...
  5. Lighting: LED Lighting Question - PSU, LED Driver

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, I bought some pre wired LED's that I'm using in a project. ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DZIRPM4/ ) I'm still trying to figure out how to hook them up, but need some help. Would I use a Power supply or LED driver to drive these? I only need 6-10 of these led's hooked up...
  6. Other Halloween Soldering Kits

    Halloween Crafts
    If you like to solder and want some simple kits to practice with, or you're teaching someone else to solder, these Halloween-themed soldering kits are really cool. There's a ghost kit, a pumpkin light kit, and a flashlight (which would be great to take trick-or-treating). I did a video to show...
  7. Electronic/Software: Build a Talking Skeleton (Tutorial)

    Halloween Props
    This video shows you how to automate the jaw of a cheap plastic skeleton using a servo and how to add some glowing eyes with a couple of LEDs:
  8. Atmosphere Effects: Lightning (and thunder) in a Box Prop

    Halloween Props
    Here's my 2018 lightning and thunder in a box prop. PIR activatived, controlled by an Arduino. I've soldered a wire from one of the leds on the ka2284 which only illuminates with the thunder is at its loudest that then triggers the led floodlight through a SSR The plan is when ToTs walk on the...
  9. Prop Showcase: 2017 Updated Cardboard Grandfather Clock with Arduino

    Halloween Props
    Hi All , This Halloween I updated a few of my props and added Arduino control to animate some of them . I added a plexiglass front with aged stencil , angel , LEDs , speakers and replaced the clock face . If no motion detected , the sound of a ticking clock was heard , motion detected then red...
  10. Looking for a black "Halloween" Tree

    Wanted to Buy
    I bought the full set of Horrornaments and need to buy a tree to place them on. I am looking for an artificial 5.5'+ tree with a small footprint. Pre-lit is not required but orange LEDs are preferred. Can you recommend anything < $200 or retail places to look at?
  11. Lighting: Wiring question for LED's.

    Halloween Props
    I am making a cemetery in my front yard and I want to put flickering LED's in the PVC (candles) at the colums 3 LED's for the 12 colums for a total of 36 LED's. I am also running wire to 4 rows of 5 toumb stones with 4 LED's on each one for a total of 80 LED's. I have CAT wire that I want to...
  12. Hi from the middle of the UK

    Member Introduction
    Hi All. Just signed up to the forum so I would say hi. I'm Rich, 37 from the UK. I was never too bothered about Halloween, however..... 3 years ago we dressed up my 1 year up when answering the door to trick or treaters. 2 years ago I hooked my sons torch with lightning effect sound to a PIR...
  13. l.e.d.s..??

    Wanted to Buy
    hi ..anyone know the best place to find battery operated leds string lights for a good bargin?? thanx!
  14. Help looking for Par 72 or 50 LED's.

    Wanted to Buy
    I have been unsuccessful contacting Minions Web. Curious if anyone has ordered from them this season and if so have you received product. Anyways I was looking to order a few Par 72 and 50 LED's. If Cory has decided to close Minions I am hoping someone can offer a recommendation that is on...
  15. Other Looking for a supplier for LEDs + small switches

    Halloween Crafts
    Most pre-wired LEDs I've come across are usually 4' or longer, but I'm looking for a 2' strand plus an on/off switch - the small ones you see on most battery operated things you buy at Michael's, HomeGoods, etc. Does anyone here have a source for such things? I'm looking to make a lighted...
  16. A couple of free things!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Finally getting a few minutes to go through a few things. I have a couple of skulls here up for grabs. One is a bucky skull that has been painted at some point. In good overall shape. Nothing broken or missing. The larger skull is the Kmart hollow variety with the color changing LED's in it...
  17. Lighting: Simple/inexpensive automatic light fade?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys. I've been searching through the forum for a while now looking for a solution to what seems like a really simple problem, but so far I've not found anything satisfactory. I'm looking at doing a fairly large scale pepper's ghost effect this year in my garage (using shrink window film on...
  18. Static: Sentinals in situ

    Halloween Props
    I got the scene partially completed tonight. The sacred globe has a flicker light in it but it's too dim so will have to make a change, A blacklight behind the beam will illuminate the moon and the birds will have green LEDs in their eyes. The styrofoam heads inside are wrapped in bubble wrap...
  19. Need help wiring LED's to a battery

    I've come across wiring a single LED light to a battery but am looking for some help wiring 3-4 to a battery. I have a lot of things in my haunt that need actual electricity, so I'm trying to cut down on the number of things I'm plugging in by illuminating some things with battery operated...
  20. Static: Hellhound / Demon dog out of Costco Skeleton dog

    Halloween Props
    I am trying to figure out how I can transform about 5 Costco skeleton dogs into miniature hellhounds. Anyone have any ideas of what I can do. I'm thinking I'll put a few red LEDs on the inside of the chest to make it filled with "hell". I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out what to...