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  1. Led spot lights

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey guys I think I saw the post here about how to turn led mini flashlights into mini spot lights with taking the battery's out of flash lights and hooking wires up to power the lights. If anyone knows how this is done or has the link will be appreciated
  2. Flickering led tea light candles

    General Halloween
    There are tons of tea lights on amazon. Does anyone have recommendations for good led flickering tea lights that have timers? I'm planning on having a bunch in the house and I dont want to spend time running around turning them all on one at a time. Some will be inside pumpkins and such, but...
  3. Atmosphere Effects: Thunderbolt (Lightning and Thunder) LED Lightshow Projection Effect

    Halloween Props
    I purchased the Thunderbolt LED Lightshow projection effect at the At Home store after debating it for a day or two. I love the idea of using lightning and thunder and was hoping it might extend to non Halloween atmospheric effects as well. This was one product that really got me excited this...
  4. Static: Witch Candles

    Halloween Props
    A bit of a variation on the witch lights/witch jars that everyone makes. I decided to make these weird kinda organic looking stakes that would each hold an LED candle to add to our witch scene. I rewired some led votives to run off a 5v 400ma power source and replaced the innards of the candles...
  5. dead simple motion sensor trigger - no skill needed

    General Halloween
    I received a gag gift from a relative recently, that with some experimentation I figured out could be used as a more reliable motion sensor trigger for Spirit props that have a light sensor. And it does this without needing to rewire anything. The gag gift was a "toilet bowl night light" -...
  6. 120V throbbing light control circuit

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hi there. Anyone out there good with 120VAC and circuits? I want to use a standard size screw in light bulb socket A19? with a 40W incandescent or LED dimmable equivalent and make it fade up and down but not go off/on ...aka throb or pulse up and down... like I see all of the 5MM LED...
  7. Another New 2017 Product Release from Haunt Hobbyist!! NIGHT mare LIGHT!!!!!!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Haunt Hobbyist just released a new product called the NIGHT-mare LIGHT on 4/4/2017 Buy them on Ebay, Amazon, or www.haunthobbyist.com Here is a video explaining how it works
  8. Electronic/Software: Faucet powered LED color light

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know where I could get one of those colored led light fixturess that fits onto the spout of your faucet and powers on when you run the water. I'm looking for one that lets me choose the color. Or that comes in red. I found a bunch on Amazon. com but they change color based on the...
  9. Post-Christmas Clearance Scores???

    General Halloween
    For me- post-Christmas is all lighting items and better than Halloween clearances. I got LED spotlights and moving projector lawn lights at 60% - 80% off. Also picked up some battery operated LED flicker candles with built-in timers for about a buck. Anybody hitting the after-Christmas...
  10. Pneumatic: Groundbreaker using an arduino

    Halloween Props
    I’ve wanted to learn to use an Arduino for a while and recently came across Casa Fear’s impressive groundbreaker prop how-to on youtube. This was a perfect project to use the Arduino rather than buying a controller (which would be easier but less fun!). I programmed the Arduino outputs to...
  11. Sure we go to Home Depot......just for different reasons

    General Halloween
    Go through checkout today and the cashier says "Ok one 10 foot 1/2 cold steel pipe, 1/3 drill bit, 2 3 inch metal rings, cable ties, 1/2 threaded 90 degree angle, one 24 foot extension cord and one LED work light. Looks like you've got a busy weekend. Plumbing issues?" To which I had to...
  12. wiring DIY LED "mini spot" style

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I have some DIY LED "mini spot" style lights,and I don't have access to RCA or stereo jacks in town or that could get to me in time. My question is do I have to have a cable to the power cord for each light or can I wire each light to one main cable.I.E christmas light style? and what would be...
  13. Public chooses LED colors by web interface

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    I searched the forum for "LED, programmable," and "2812" (the industry name for strands of programmable LED lighting), but found nothing. I'm envisioning having some exterior lighting using Arduino programmable, WS2812B LED lighting, but including a simple web interface allowing drivers-by...
  14. Show me your Jack-o-lanterns!

    General Halloween
    finally got to carving out the ole pumpkins! I did a creepy toothed smile and the wife went with a oggie-boggie design. both lit with blinking led flashers
  15. NEW 2016 PRODUCT RELEASE from Haunt Hobbyist: NIGHT CREATURES

    For Sale By Merchants
    NEW 2016 PRODUCT RELEASE FROM HAUNT HOBBYIST NIGHT CREATURES The Night Creatures are 7 pairs of Red LED Lights with a UNIQUE BLINKING SPEED (2 seconds ON and 2 seconds OFF) which had to be custom made. This blinking speed is what makes the Night Creatures...
  16. Static: Any tutorials on converting a battery prop to AC power?

    Halloween Props
    I spotted this at the Depot and nabbed it.. Bull Skull I'd like to convert it from the AAA power source to AC. Pretty simple prop, green led in the skull and 1 purple on the bottom. Doesn't make noise or have any animation. I've seen tutorials for led spotlights using a 12v AC adapter. I...
  17. Halloween Lights/ Icicles

    Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone adorn their houses with orange/green/purple icicle lights for Halloween? I always found that this really makes it (especially when you hang the icicles from the top of the j channel above the window as opposed to the gutters so you can see them from inside). I also like stringing...
  18. Lighting: DIY Flood Lights $8

    Halloween Props
    I've been looking for a cost effective way to light my grave yard and incorporate it with the rest of my light show. I just finished assembling 2 10W RGB LED flood lights, total cost for the build was $8 each and some soldering. Special thanks to RobG over at http://www.diychristmas.org for...
  19. Lighting: LED Bulbs

    Halloween Props
    With http://minionsweb.com/ seeming to be down and out I am trying to track down some LED spot/floods equal to their selection. I am curious if anyone has tried the bulb listed below. http://www.ledholidaylighting.com/led-par-38-blue.aspx
  20. Lighting: LED Light Power Question

    Halloween Props
    So I have 6 Evil Mad Scientist Flickering LED light boards http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/productsmenu/792 that run off 2 AA batteries. I want to wire them to a wall wart. It seems that each battery is 1.5 volts, so what volt/ amp wall wart would I need to power all six? I'm guessing 3 volts...