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  1. HOWTO: safe LED lighting for haunted houses

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    The trend with LEDs is becoming more popular in our daily lives (stop lights, TV, computers, instrument panels, etc...), in this post I will try to convince you that LED lighting is way to go for 99% of your haunted house lighting needs. This post isn't for promo purposes but simply to inform...
  2. Coupon code for 30% off all LED spotlights ($100 min purchase): W625F2Q7U

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    We're clearing out our 2010 inventory --- sale ends this month. Darklight is the maker of the world's SMALLEST & BRIGHTEST LED spotlights. Our 3 different models range from pinspots to high powered floods. Our spotlights are compact, rugged (water resistant & rated over 50,000 hours), and...
  3. Life-like Disney-based flickering candles

    General Halloween
    Hi Folks. These look Disney-based realistic, moving flicker candles look awesome! I'll wait until post-Xmas sale to buy, I think. Here's video: http://www.frontgate.com/text/content/landing/holiday10/video/video_Candles.html Enjoy!
  4. Lighting: CHEAP LED LIGHTS waterproof

    Halloween Props
    ok so i am at home depot and they have already a week ago ditched the small amount of halloween stuff and put out their gift boxes for christmas stuff . they have a 8 pack of aluminum LED flaslights for $9.98 they are i think 5 led lights and very bgight about 3.5 inches long and run on 3 AAA...
  5. Static: Need a Head For My Body!

    Halloween Props
    I have a "Jason-like" body built and ready to go. It's around 5' 6" tall, with a machete raised and ready to hack. But no head. Time is short, does anyone have any suggestions for a fairly quick solution? Maybe go to a beauty store and pick up a wig head, and get a set of LEDs for the eyes...
  6. Electronic/Software: Control skull + RGB eyes + prop + lighting

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, I've gotten a few requests over the weekend from members wondering how to use the Medusa DMX to control their props. Hopefully this should help answer some questions. Here's a link to a pdf diagram showing how to connect a 3-axis skull with RGB eyes + a few pneumatic props + some...
  7. Lighting: how to blur LEDs to get wash-flood effect

    Halloween Props
    I purchased hand full UV Leds, 5mm ...I'm wanting to blur the LEDs lens so the light give a more wash or flood effect vs a spot or narrow beam. I know this is primary due to the display angle, but, what about putting something like plastic wrap for covering food, or even vasoline over the lens...
  8. Design Contest Submissions!

    Okay! Here are the scene/prop design submissions for the Medusa DMX contest. Please leave a comment, and vote for your favorite submission! In the order of submission... dionicia I have always wanted to animate my Jack Skellington and also build an animated Oogey Boogey. I would use the...
  9. LED power help

    I have seen several great tuts on led lighting but they never talk about the power supply. I need to know if I can use a converted ATX power supply to power them or if there is a better way.
  10. Static: Fake Cheap Candles... I can't stop making them!!

    Halloween Props
    Because I'm too big of a chicken to use Great Stuff anymore (I was told it's flammable) and I am too lazy to cut PVC pipe, I went looking for an easier way to create cheap fake candles... I found Dave Lowe's blog post on using cardboard tubes (ie toilet paper and paper towel rolls)... and NOW...
  11. Haunt Entrance Gate: Tutorial

    So glad there was the time to make this just before Halloween. Was thinking if there was an impressive entrance to the haunt, it would help set the mood. Also, needed something to be obvious that this was the entrance to the garage haunt. This is a very large gate (8' x 6') so it is...
  12. Lighting: LED Spots

    Halloween Props
    i am looking to make some Blue/UV led spots for my tombstones. My question is how many LEDs would be best for a 16 by 24 inch tombstone?
  13. Minions Web 2010 12/18/36/50/72/120 LED Bulb Pre-Ordering has begun!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Yes folks, it is that time of year. We have the LED Pre-order specials in place and ordering is now open. Get the deal of the year on our 5th generation Ultrabright all weather 110vAC LED bulbs, in every color you could want: wide band UV 375-410 nm, 380nm UV, blacklight purple, blue, green...
  14. LED "Eyes" controllable via VSA

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hey all, I just finished up 2 products that I am selling on my website. The products are small circuit boards that allow you to control the brightness of LEDs via a servo motor controller and the VSA software. One of them is for single-color LEDs and the other one has tri-color RGB LEDs. If...
  15. Minions Web 2009 LED Bulb Pre-Ordering is OPEN

    For Sale By Merchants
    Minions Web has opened the pre-ordering of LED bulbs for the 2009 season. You can pre-order up until May 15th, with shipment expected approx 7/15 on our end. This year we have added to our lineup of 18 & 36 LED bulbs that many of you are already familiar with. We are now also offering 12, 50...
  16. Lighting: best rechargeable LED candles

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, Just wanted to get and give some opinions on the best brand of rechargeable flicker candles on the market. I know that many of you use the dollar store battery powered LED flicker votive, but I ran across some great rechargeable LED candles at my local Target and am extremely...
  17. MinionsWeb.com LED Spots & Floods, Cob Web Guns & WebStix

    For Sale By Merchants
    As many of you know we offer LED Spots & Floods made to my specs for the best overall quality and brightness. We now offer 4 LED bulbs: 7 & 12 LED spots designed for indoor use (can be used outdoors in waterproofed fixtures) great for mood lighting and enhancing props. 18 LED spots and 36 LED...